Nasi Jinggo Culinary From Bali

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  • Pulau Misol Street, Dauh Puri Kauh, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia


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Nasi Jinggo Culinary From Bali .

Known as nasi kucing, Nasi Jinggo is a typical Balinese food that is often hunted by tourists while on vacation in the Island of the Gods. Just like in Solo and Yogyakarta, this rice has a portion of a mini or a small so-called cat rice because of its size. Balinese Jinggo rice has a savory taste with a variety of side dishes such as fried noodles, chicken pieces, and sambal (sauce). For the pack used in general is a banana leaf.
What's interesting about Nasi Jinggo is that you can only find it at street vendors or just in typical Balinese restaurants. At this time Nasi Jinggo began to vary using yellow rice or uduk rice. And that distinguishes from the cat rice that is in Solo and Yogyakarta is Ningg Jinggo all the same contents, namely small cut chicken meat, fried noodles, and sambal (sauce).
The concept of selling the same as angkringan, ie from the afternoon until early morning. Usually young people who often hang out often enjoy the typical Balinese food. It tastes savory with a cheap price makes Nasi Jinggo a favorite in Bali.
Nasi Jinggo for All Among
For the people of Bali, Nasi Jinggo is not foreign anymore because it has become a favorite. Even the tourists who vacation in Bali often looking for Nasi Jinggo for their dinner. The affordable price can certainly be a tourist solution to reduce the cost of their vacation. One serving of Nasi Jinggo is generally priced at Rp 5000.
In Bali there are some sellers of Nasi Jinggo which is quite famous as Nasi Jinggo sambal roa. This shop is open up to 24 hours so it is suitable for you who like to stay up late. If you want to enjoy Nasi Jinggo at night then can go to Warung Nasi sambal roa located in Pulau Misol Street, Dauh Puri Kauh, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
Other well-known stalls are Nasi Jinggo Wikowi, Nasi Jinggo Thamrin, and Nasi Jinggo Sambel Ijo. The last shop uses green chili so it tastes quite spicy. This is perfect for you who love to enjoy spicy cuisine.