7 Types Of Traditional Balinese Musical Instruments That Still Exist Today

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7 Types Of Traditional Balinese Musical Instruments That Still Exist Today.

The Island of the Gods, Bali, is known for its art variety. Various forms of art, such as music, dance, performance, painting, have unique characteristics. Many formal education institutions study traditional art, especially Balinese traditions. Well, in music, Bali has various musical instruments. In this article, there are 7 types of traditional Balinese musical instruments that still exist until today. What are these musical instruments? Check out the list below!

1. Ceng-Ceng

The first type of traditional Balinese musical instrument is Ceng-ceng. The instrument was made of metal, the shape of a round slab like a cymbal. It’s played by hitting one plate with another. The traditional Balinese Ceng-Ceng musical instrument is commonly called the Ricik Ceng-ceng. On the outside of the cymbal, there are red threads used for holding. It’s called Ceng-ceng because of the sound. When it is hit, it sounds “ceng ceng ceng”, so that it’s called musical instrument Ceng-ceng.

2. Genggong

Genggong, a type of traditional Balinese musical instrument that sounds from a vibration. It is made from a thin palm tree and palayah that’s mounted in the middle. The edge of this instrument is given a hole for a rope hook. Well, the rope is used to make vibrations. To be tight, palayah is bitten by the mouth and it will sound magical.

3. Rindik

The slendro gamelan tune will play from a set of Rindik. This type of traditional Balinese musical instrument is made of bamboo. How to play it is similar to angklung. The difference is that Rindik is in the form of a cymbal-like slab, while angklung is in the form of a tube. In collaboration music performances, Rindik is played by 2 to 5 people, followed by the sound of flutes, gongs, ceng-ceng, and so forth.

4. Gong

Gong instruments are actually not only found in Bali. In Indonesia, like Java and East Nusa Tenggara also have traditional musical instruments, Gong. In Balinese gamelan or known as Gong Kebyar the sound of gong is heard accompanied by other traditional musical instruments. Even in the contemporary art of music, Gong instruments are often collaborate with the realm of electronic music.

Gong has been used since the 13th century. The shape is round with a thickness of approximately 15 to 20 centimeters. On the back of it, there’s a hole, the front is a round bulge.

5. Flute

This traditional musical instrument is different from the previous points that are played by being hit. The flute sounds and chants the tone when it’s blown. Each region has a different range of flute music. In Bali, flutes are made of bamboo in the form of tubes. To adjust the tone, there are 6 holes in the belly of the flute. When one hole is closed, the other is sounded, it will form a tone. Well, to play the flute, it requires good breathing power.

6. Kendang

Types of traditional Kendang musical instruments in Bali are played in pairs. Namely Kendang Wadon and Kendang Lanang. It is played by hitting it using your palm. In Bebetin Inscription, Kendang is called papadaha. In Balinese music, 7 types of the drum have been found based on size. From the largest to the smallest. Among others are as follows:

- Kendang Mebarung

- Kendang Tambur

- Kendang Bebedug or Bedug

- Kendang Cedungan

- Kendang Gupekan

- Kendang Bebarongan

- Kendang Krumpungan

7. Mandolin

Mandolin Gamelan is still played by people who live in Pupuan Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. Not only in Tabanan Regency, Karangasem, Klungkung, and Badung people also play Mandolin instruments. This instrument is played by picking like a guitar and lute. But the difference, in the stomach of this instrument, there are keys like the saxophone. Mandolin became popular in Bali since the 1930s. During the Japanese occupation, Mandolin lute was played.

Because the sound character is similar to the harp, this instrument is often called the Mandolin Harp. To smoothly play it, it requires practicing diligently. Whereas to get the Mandolin Harp, many of these musical instrument craftsmen are in Bali.

From the types of traditional musical instruments mentioned above, there are still many other musical instruments in Bali. Various types of traditional musical instruments with various ways of playing, of course. From being hit, picked, and blown. Do you like to play traditional music in your area? What kind of musical instrument do you like?