Enjoy Your Lovely Night At Kumbasari Park

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  • Jln. Pasar Kumbasari, Pemecutan, Kecamatan Denpasar Barat


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Enjoy Your Lovely Night At Kumbasari Park.

Hey, did you know that you can find a concept of a South Korean-style travel destination when you visit Kumbasari Park in Denpasar? In this modern concept of tourism, visitors are allowed to do various activities. No wonder, the existence of this park has become a cheap holiday solution in Bali for those who fall in love with South Korea.

Kumbasari Park 

Kumbasari Park is a park located on the edge of Baduk Tukad. This park is very crowded with visitors because it is located in a strategic area, which is between the Kumbasari Art Market and Badung Market. Formerly, the river or tukad is very dirty and full of garbage. However, the Denpasar City Government, supported by the Provincial Government of Bali, revitalized the river to make it an attractive tourist destination. The concept was deliberately made as a tourist attraction of the Cheonggyecheon River in South Korea to attract the interest of young people. Because its appearance is similar to the river in the K-pop country, it's no wonder that Kumbasari Park is also known as the Korean Tukad Park.

At first glance, this area looks beautiful, with a number of palm trees and various plants that adorn the left and right side of the river. There are also a number of neatly arranged stone ornaments, complete with colorfully painted garden chairs. You can choose a chair with your favorite color to sit on. In addition, the park is also equipped with a floating bridge decorated with fountains that form a beautiful view. Kumbasari Park also has a footpath with a width of about 2-3 meters. To make the atmosphere looks more lively, each path is decorated with various rainbow-colored lights. So even at night, you can still see the artificial rainbow in Kumbasari Park. 

Many visitors choose this park as an exciting photo spot. Yep, every corner of the park is very Instagram-able! So, don't forget to prepare as many poses as possible to make the results of your photos look unique and pretty. 

Besides photo hunting, you can also chat with friends while eating snacks or fishing. The river is so clean, that many small fishes are invited to come. If you’re lucky, you can catch a large tilapia fish in Tukad Badung. 

This contemporary park can also be a fun place to hang out with friends, partners, and family. Because the Denpasar City Government deliberately equips this park with a free wireless internet connection. That way, you can also relax while browsing the internet world freely. Very interesting, right? 

This park is located at Jln. Kumbasari Market, Pemecutan, West Denpasar District, Denpasar City. Precisely in front of the Kumbasari Market. You can also make this place as a stopover after shopping for various art items at Kumbasari Market. Have a nice holiday!