Frangipani, A Beautiful Flower With A Million Meanings

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Frangipani, A Beautiful Flower With A Million Meanings.

For most people, flowers are an expression of love and affection. Whether it's for family, close friends, or partners. But in Bali, flowers have a deeper meaning. The Balinese consider flowers as a natural entity that has great power. Like frangipani flowers, for example. Some of you might have seen that Bali is very identical to this flower. We can indeed find lots of frangipani flowers in Bali!

This flower is usually used for every Hindu ritual ceremony in Bali. For example, a ritual of worshipping gods and goddesses, ngaben (cremation) ceremonies, and also various other sacred traditions. For the people of Bali, frangipani flowers do act as a means of communication in each ceremony and also in everyday life.

In Hinduism, frangipani flowers have two important roles. The first is as a symbol of Lord Shiva. Flowers are placed on the tip of the palm of the hand when worshiping. Then, the flower is usually tucked in the hair or ears. The second is, as a means for prayer. Flowers are used to filling offerings for God or the holy spirit of the ancestors.

Of the many types of frangipani flowers, you will find the one with white petals and a yellow tinge in Bali. This is because, in Hindu beliefs, the two colors have their own meanings. The white color is a symbol to worship Sang Hyang Widi as Iswara with Badjra power who radiates white light. While the yellow color is a symbol of worshiping Sang Hyang Widi as Mahadeva with nagapasa power that emits yellow light.

Frangipani flower is a symbol to show the purity of heart when heading towards Sang Hyang Widi Wasa, the ancestors, and also the Rsi or spiritual teacher. Based on the philosophy of the Hindu religion, frangipani trees in Bali bloom at sasih kapat, the fourth full moon. This period is believed by the people of Bali as a good month. Frangipani flower is also considered as an essence from nature that brings enlightenment and kindness.

If you visit the island of Bali, you will find a number of frangipani trees in various corners of the city. Especially in the temples. While enjoying the natural beauty of Bali, you can also look for a moment to the right and left side of the road to admire this beautiful flower.