A Refreshing Summertime At Fiji Waterfalls

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  • Desa Lemukih, Kecamatan Sawan


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A Refreshing Summertime At Fiji Waterfalls.

Lemukih Village in Sawan Subdistrict, Buleleng Regency indeed offers an extraordinary natural tourism charm. There’s a row of beautiful waterfalls in Buleleng, located in this village. Not only Gerombong Waterfall or also known as Twin Waterfall. There are also other charming waterfalls like Fiji Falls. Your vacation story in Buleleng will be even more interesting when you visit Fiji Falls.

The charm of the Fiji Falls

Lemukih Village is one of the villages in the Buleleng Regency which is still very beautiful. Here, you will find a calm atmosphere and it’s suitable for tourists as a location for refreshing. The same conditions will also be felt when you travel to Fiji Falls. The area around Fiji Falls is still in the form of hilly areas which are overgrown with a variety of shade plants. Its location is rather difficult to reach, making the beauty of the area around the Fiji Falls still well maintained.

Just like other waterfalls in Bali, you need to prepare your energy. It is a major factor for visiting the waterfall. Because it is located in the middle of the forest, trekking along a 1.5 km footpath is needed to get to the location of Fiji Falls. Not to mention hundreds of steep stairs with a slope reaching 75 degrees. Therefore, take good care of your stamina at least a day before taking a trip to this waterfall. The trekking path is almost the same as the path to Gerombong Waterfall. After the signposts to the Gerombong Waterfall location, walk straight until you find the signposts to the Fiji Falls. Just follow the path, until you hear the sound of splashing water.

After a tiring journey, the natural beauty of the Fiji Falls is ready to welcome you. The sound of water splashing on the rocks sounds so beautiful. Moreover, the waterfall that you see is not only one, but three at a time. The three waterfalls flow from the same cliff but at different distances. Since the existence of three waterfalls is in one place, the Fiji Falls often get the title Triple Waterfall.

This waterfall has a fairly large water discharge. Even the dry season does not affect the flow of water. Not infrequently, many tourists choose to come here when it is summer to freshen up. Both the flow of water and the pond below the waterfall are very clear. If you want to swim or just play water, it’s perfect! But if you want to swim, you should choose a spot on the edge of the pool, because the waterfall is too heavy and dangerous. The green scenery around the location is also very instagramable. So, be sure to take photos as many as you can.

Although it’s located in the middle of the forest, Fiji Falls is equipped with adequate facilities. Like traditional food stalls, modern cafes, to swing rentals. Swinging on the Fiji Swing is another thing you can't miss. You will feel the sensation of swinging from a height while enjoying the view of the green fields of Fiji.

With its beautiful views and charming waterfalls, you can find a peace in this place. Unfortunately, with a long and quite challenging route, this natural attraction is not suitable for children under 12 years of age. But don’t worry. You can choose other waterfall attractions in Bali that is safe for you children.