Gatep Lawas Bathing, A Beautiful Destinations Amplify By Local Wisdom

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  • Sambangan, Sukasada


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Gatep Lawas Bathing, A Beautiful Destinations Amplify By Local Wisdom.

Subak is known as an organized water management system and functions to irrigate agriculture. Many traditional areas in Bali are still using the Subak system in organizing agriculture. Uniquely, in Sambangan Village, Sukasada, Buleleng beside Subak irrigating agriculture is managed as a destination spot.

During the pandemic, many workers lost their jobs. Because it occurs globally, local communities empower a customary policy by managing more than functioning as a source of water.

Mountain water sources with clear water are accommodated in ponds. It is located at an altitude, on a hill with views of greenery with ornamental plants marking the tourist area. If taken from Singaraja, going to Getep Lawas Baths is 11 kilometers away or takes 15 minutes by motorcycle.

Gatep or Gayam has the scientific name Inocarpus fagifer and is also known as Tahitian chestnut. This bathing area located under the gatep tree that covers the bathing pool grows lush. A breezy and cool feeling is often felt when just sitting under it.

In the past, under the gatep tree, local people gathered to manage irrigation for agriculture and plantations. So, this destination is called the Gatep Lawas Baths. To get to the baths, you need to head south. Other tourist areas that are passed from Singaraja to Ambegan include Tembok Balak Waterfall and Kroya Waterfall.

Arriving at the entrance ticket, every domestic tourist pays a ticket of IDR 10,000. However, access to the bathing location is in the form of a small paved road that can only be accessed by motorcycle.

The road from the entrance ticket to the location is a bit uphill. From the parking lot, you have to walk through the stairs. Not too heavy for those of you who are fit. Once in a while climbing the stairs can cast a glance to the left and right enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.

There are various facilities managed by the community around this bathing destination. Stalls selling food and drinks, swimming equipment, and buoys. For those of you who are looking for a cycling route, heading to the Gatep Lawas Baths will be perfect even though the hilly road makes sweat flood the body.