Bukit Batu Gundul Buleleng: Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature Above The Rock

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  • Jl Ida Made Rai, Banjar, Kecamatan Banjar


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Bukit Batu Gundul Buleleng: Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature Above The Rock.

Vacation is the most effective way to make peace of mind, especially if you go to the right place. Well, if you haven’t found the right spot, no worries. Because you can find everything you want in Bali! Whether you want to go to the beach, mountains, or forests, you choose.

If you want to breathe the fresh air on the hills, you can visit Bukit Gundul Tourism. The place is located in the Banjar District area, Buleleng Regency. It offers beautiful and fascinating natural attractions. Usually, Buleleng Regency is known for its waterfall tourism, also Lovina Beach, and the dolphins. Well, the Bukit Batu Gundul could be an alternative tourist spot if you plan to go to the North Bali area. 

As the name suggests, Bukit Batu Gundul indeed consists of padas rocks. So, not all areas can be overgrown with grass and look gundul (bald). That is why this hill was later named Bukit Batu Gundul. 

Interested? Then you should visit Bukit Batu Gundul Buleleng in the afternoon. In there, you will rarely see trees. So, if you come when the sun is high, it will be very hot. However, in the afternoon, you can freely enjoy the beauty of nature, watching the grass that thrives on the hill, and breathe the fresh air without pollution. Of course, your vacation will be an unforgettable and exciting moment with family, friends, or loved ones. 

The access road that you must pass to get to Bukit Batu Gundul Buleleng is quite easy. You can go there by motorcycle. Along the road to reach the hill, you will be accompanied by a series of charming green natural scenery. Almost every angle looks perfect for taking selfies. 

Bukit Batu Gundul Buleleng is also located very close to Brahmaviara Arama. This temple is a holy place of Buddhists, as well as being an attraction that is quite popular among tourists. So, you can also visit the temple while you’re on vacation in Bukit Batu Gundul. In addition, in the hill area, there is also Banjar hot water that you must visit. 

What do you think? This place is perfect enough to be your next destination, right? Then, let’s make some exciting plans for your holiday!