Atuh Beach, A Hidden Paradise In Nusa Penida

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  • Atuh Beach, Pejukutan, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia


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Atuh Beach, A Hidden Paradise In Nusa Penida.

Nusa Penida is indeed famous for its beautiful beaches. Not only Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, and Crystal Bay, there is another beach that will fascinate you. Namely Atuh Beach. Even though it takes extra time and energy to reach this beach, all your efforts will be paid off with the beautiful natural landscape at Atuh Beach.

Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is called a hidden paradise in Nusa Penida, because the location of this beach is truly hidden. That is in the middle of two high cliffs. Even so, the beach is still crowded with tourists. Besides being surrounded by cliffs, around the coast there are four large coral islands. So, if viewed from the top of a cliff, this place looks like a cluster of coral islands in Raja Ampat. Often, Atuh Beach is also called Raja Ampat of Nusa Penida.

This white sand beach has very clear water with calm waves. It is suitable as a place for you who like snorkeling. If visiting when the water is receding, you can enjoy the charming underwater scenery. Not only snorkeling, sunbathing under the sun feels good too. The atmosphere is calm and the breeze can make you refreshed instantly. Especially if the view seen is a vast expanse of the blue sea. Satisfied with sunbathing, you can immediately swim to feel the warmth of the seawater in the sun. 

If you're hungry after swimming, don't worry! Because the Atuh Beach area has been facilitated with simple stalls that sell a variety of fresh and tempting seafood. Of course, your energy can be replenished and ready to do other activities on the beach. Because the location is flanked by cliffs and coral islands, you cannot enjoy sunset or sunrise there. 

This beach is located in Banjar Pelilit, Pampuutan Village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency. The road to the beach is quite winding. So be careful when driving a vehicle to the beach. Besides enjoying the beach, don't forget to keep the beach clean by minimizing the use of plastic and throw your waste to a trash can.