The Nunas Tirta Ritual To Protect The Residents From Any Danger

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  • Pura Pajenengan, Puri Klungkung, Semarapura Tengah


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The Nunas Tirta Ritual To Protect The Residents From Any Danger.

As an island that has a lot of history, culture, and tradition, Balinese people always have a way to protect themselves from danger through certain rituals. The Balinese usually have different rituals in each region. In Klungkung, there is a ritual to ask for protection. The name is Nunas Tirta, also called the "Nuur" procession.

Nunas Tirta or "nuur" ritual is a procession to protect people from plague and disease. During the Corona Virus Disease pandemic or Covid-19 as it is today, the representative of each village of Klungkung carried out a nuur ritual at Pajenengan Puri Klungkung Temple at the end of March.

Previously, the people of Puri Agung Klungkung had asked for instructions from Bagawanta Puri, namely Ida Pedanda Gde Putra Tembau from Geriya Aan, regarding the implementation of the Nunas Tirta ritual. In order to do the ritual while still being able to obey government regulations to conduct physical distancing, it was finally decided that Nunas Tirta would be carried out by representatives of the village. They also coordinated with the police so that security is guaranteed.

In the ritual that took place on March 30th, 2020, a number of castle figures also attended the procession. These included Ida Dalem Semara Putra, Tjokorda Raka Putra, Tjokorda Gde Agung, Tjokorda Gde Ngurah, and several representatives of the castle families.

After they finished the ritual, each of them was given a tirta or holy water, which would later be distributed to the community. The holy water was sprinkled on all family members in the house, and also in the yard. Thus, the residents' houses will be protected from all kinds of reinforcements.

Local people also participated in performing rituals in their homes by picking three pandan leaves, filled with onion and chili, and one coin. All objects are bound together using tridatu threads, namely black, white and red colored threads. Then, it was hung at the entrance of the residents' yard. They believe that these objects could ward off all kinds of danger. So that all citizens can avoid various diseases, including the Covid-19 virus.