Balinese Ginger Tea, A Cup Of Healthy And Tasty Drink

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Balinese Ginger Tea, A Cup Of Healthy And Tasty Drink.

Maintaining health is the most important thing. Especially in the Corona Disease (Covid-19) pandemic era as it is today. Certainly, our immune system must be increased. Well, the Balinese have their own way you know to maintain their health, namely by serving its signature drink: the tasty and healthy Ginger Tea.

Besides being famous for its diverse tourist destinations, Bali is also rich in culinary specialties, including its traditional drinks. Of course, Balinese food and drinks have always been the target of tourists, both foreign and local. Ginger tea is one of them. Ginger tea consists of ginger and a mixture of tea and boiling water. By consuming ginger tea, especially when it's still hot, your body will be refreshed! 

The deliciousness of ginger tea is comparable to its health benefits. Balinese ginger tea can nourish your stomach, so it can prevent nausea. In addition, this drink can also have a calming effect on your mind. One cup of ginger tea can reduce your stress level and improve your mood. Ginger is also believed to protect your body from various diseases because it can increase blood flow. So that your heart and arteries can be healthier! It is because ginger does contain a variety of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. 

So, when you are on holiday in Bali, be sure to try this warm and healthy drink! So, your vacation will feel more fun and you can avoid various diseases. Balinese ginger tea is relatively easy to find. Usually, this drink is available at various food stalls and restaurants in various regions in Bali. 

However, since now we have to stay home to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, maybe we should make our own Balinese ginger tea at home! It’s really easy to make. You only need to prepare two sections of ginger, tea bags, and water. First, peel the ginger and wash thoroughly, then crush it. After that, boil water and add the ginger that has been crushed. Then, add the tea bag until the water turns dark. Turn off the stove and ginger tea is ready to be served! You can also add sugar if you want. Enjoy!