Bagiak Cakes, Healthy And Cheap Balinese Snack

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Bagiak Cakes, Healthy And Cheap Balinese Snack.

Snack is one type of souvenir that is often considered to be brought home after the holidays. It’s because the price is relatively cheaper and can be shared with many people at once. Well in Bali, you can find a variety of delicious food souvenirs.

Bagiak Cake 

In addition to Balinese milk pie, another alternative to be used as souvenirs is for cookies. Although not as famous as milk pie, apparently this cake is quite popular among foreign tourists. Bagiak cake is made from a mixture of ingredients such as sago flour, vegetable oil, sugar, butter, eggs, and not toasted grated coconut that is roasted in order to add flavor. This mixture is then formed into rectangular pieces. After that, the dough is cooked by baking in the oven. When viewed from the basic ingredients and how to cook it, this one can be considered healthy. Because sago flour itself contains carbohydrates that can be a source of energy. There are also vegetable oils that can reduce bad cholesterol. For some reason, this is what makes this cake popular among foreign tourists.

Actually this cake is almost the same as bagea cake originating from South Sulawesi. The basic ingredients are the same, using sago flour. The difference is the addition of a mixture of spices such as cinnamon and cloves. Also, bagea cakes are flat round and wrapped using leaves. Bagea cake has a more fragrant aroma. Even so, the taste of the two is also almost similar. 

Having a sweet taste, the cake is very suitable to be enjoyed with a glass of plain coffee or tea. The texture of this cake tends to be soft, so it is easily pulverized and not so hard to chew. Both are also consumed by young children and the elderly as a snack, considering the size is also the choice of the taste of Balinese traditional cake is also very diverse. You will find Balinese specialties offered with the taste of ginger, milk, cinnamon, pineapple or nuts. You can choose it according to your favorite taste. These Balinese biscuits are easy to find at the central souvenir shop in Bali. You can even buy it through an online market place. You can buy a box of cookies with a weight of 155 grams at a fairly cheap price of around IDR 15,000. 

Interestingly, this cake is considered a cake that can last a long time. Although the manufacturing process does not use preservatives, the cake can last more than a month. Therefore, you don't need to worry that this cake will expire when you get home. Enjoy!