Big Garden Corner: The Perfect Artistic Garden For Relaxation

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  • Jln. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Desa Kesiman, Kecamatan Denpasar Selatan


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Big Garden Corner: The Perfect Artistic Garden For Relaxation.

Visiting and enjoying all the natural beauty that can make you amazed, it’s a normal thing. How about visiting an artificial garden which is also used as an art gallery? It’s surely interesting, because you can spoil your eyes with high-quality art objects, also play and take pictures freely around it.

Big Garden Corner 

Big Garden Corner is a stone art gallery and sculpture park. This is a new tourist attraction that was built around 2016. Unlike other art galleries in Bali which almost all carry a formal style, every corner of the Big Garden Corner presents a pleasant feel. You won’t feel bored or confused about what to do while you’re there. There are many objects that you can see while taking a leisurely walk around this place. Because it brings themes such as playgrounds, Big Garden is very suitable for children to visit.

Once you set foot in a large garden overgrown with grass, you will see a variety of stone statues. From the small size to the large size. You’ll also find a large Sleeping Budha statue, almost like the one in the Dharma Giri Temple. The size is so large, that this stone statue becomes the largest statue in the parking area. All stone arts and sculptures in the Big Garden Corner are sold and exported. Therefore, most of the sculpture and stone art crafts still look new.  

In addition to the sculpture park, there is also a miniature of the Borobudur Temple. The miniature temple has 5 meter-high. This object is most often used as a photo spot by visitors. This miniature temple is a favorite spot. So, you must be willing to queue up with other visitors to be able to take pictures. 

In this tourist attraction, there is also a treehouse made of wood, bamboo, and thatched roof. There’s a uniqueness of this treehouse. Around the treehouse and stairs leading to the top there is a monkey statue. Interestingly, you can take pictures with these monkeys without having to fear that your belongings will be taken by them. 

When you are tired of walking, rest for a while in the halls. These halls are equipped with colorful cushions and chairs. There is also a casual hangout spot in the garden area, with a large umbrella and wooden table. Perfect to be a place to relaxing while enjoying snacks or cold drinks. 

You can go to this Big Garden Corner at Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Kesiman Village, South Denpasar District, Denpasar City. Although classified as a new tourist attraction, but the facilities available are quite complete. There is a bathroom, a large parking area, and a restaurant that offers western and Indonesian menus. The special menu offered is dragon fruit fried rice and coffee from zalacca seeds. Don't forget to try it! 

If you plan to go there with children, remember to always supervise and keep them close to you. Don’t let them lean on and climb the statue. Because most of the statues, carvings, and stone crafts on display aren’t installed permanently since they’re for sale.