Bukit Tengah: The Hidden Paradise In The Middle Of Klungkung Regency

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Bukit Tengah: The Hidden Paradise In The Middle Of Klungkung Regency.

Traveling in a remote location will definitely make us satisfied. If you’re looking for a ‘treasure’ on the island of Bali, you can go to Klungkung Regency. There, you can find a hidden paradise that has amazingly beautiful scenery. It's called Bukit Tengah.

You will be served by a layered hill view that borders beautifully with the blue ocean. Prepare a good physical condition, because you have to make an easy climb on Bukit Tengah. Along the way, you will enjoy the view that can spoil your eyes. The layers of the hill and blue sky, coupled with the sun's rays shining brightly with its yellow light, make this place really colorful. 

In addition to climbing in the middle of nature, you can also take pictures with a panoramic view of the sea and hills. In addition, there is also an abandoned stage house, which of course, can also be an interesting photo object. 

After that, you can put a mat and picnic with your group. To add to the excitement, you can also bring a mini stove to cook together with your friends or family. You can even set up a tent and camp there. Visitors who spend the night in Bukit Tengah, they are usually waiting for the sunrise. The view of the sun rising there is also very beautiful, with a majestic backdrop of Mount Agung. This moment is the right time to get acquainted with visitors who have the same mission as you. So, you can add new friends. Exciting, right! 

Interested in a vacation there? If you travel from Denpasar, you only need 45 minutes to ride on a motorcycle. Near the location, you will find a road sign. So, the location is quite easy to find even though it is hidden. When you get there, you have to park your motorcycle in the provided parking area and walk about 10 minutes to reach the location. 

For those who want to visit Bukit Tengah, don't forget to bring a bag to put your trashes. So, the cleanliness of nature can always be maintained. Preferably, you’d better also fill the motorcycle gasoline. So you won’t run out of gas while you are there. In addition, use eco-sunblock to protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays. Although the air is cool and the wind blows gently, the sun's rays will still feel quite hot. 

There are no opening hours at Bukit Tengah, so you can come anytime. Also, no entrance fee. The important thing, always keep the environment clean wherever you are!