Bungbang Gamelan, The Arrangement Of A Smart Bamboo Melody

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  • Desa Sesetan, Denpasar Selatan


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Bungbang Gamelan, The Arrangement Of A Smart Bamboo Melody.

Bali is not only rich in natural scenery and cultural values, but the art value of this island is also superior. Almost every region has the results of a taste that produces harmony. Want to listen to harmonious melodies of musical instruments made of bamboo? This musical instrument originates from Sesetan Village, Denpasar.

In 1985, a musical instrument called the Bungbang was created by I Nyoman Rembang. This music maestro is inspired by what has been seen and heard. Ornamental fish that’s swimming back and forth, accompanied by the sound of water splashes, are the things that inspired the Maestro to create this instrument.

Bungbang Gamelan is classified as a hit or idofoon instrument. Instruments that are shaped like kulkul or kentongan are arranged in detail so that they have different tones, depending on the size and length of the hole in the kulkul. The lowest tone has the largest hole size. This instrument is called jegogan or Bungbang Pangede. Intermediate Bungbang or pemade issued an octave higher than Pangede.

The most minor notes are produced from Bungbang Alit or kantilan. Of the three tone divisions, Bungbang Gamelan is still equipped with drums, gongs, flutes and small chirps to get a unique rhythm. The beating of the Bungbang drummer was trained in compactness to produce a harmonious sound.

Usually, a Gamelan Bungbang performance is played by dozens of musicians. Pretty much right? Although there are many musicians, the melodies from various instruments sound compact! This makes the listener feel more energized. Well, if you want to enjoy the Gamelan Bungbang performance, visit Sesetan Village, South Denpasar. In this village, you will also feel the atmosphere of Balinese art and culture.