Capturing The Waterblow Phenomenon On Karangdadi Beach

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  • Jln Raya Kusamba, Desa Kusamba


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Capturing The Waterblow Phenomenon On Karangdadi Beach.

All parts of Bali can always offer natural beauty that is difficult to resist: the mountains, lakes, cultural tourism, and the beach. So don't be surprised whenever you visit Bali, it will always be crowded by tourists, both local and foreign. One of the beaches that offers exotic Island of the Gods is Karangdadi Beach.

Karangdadi Beach

You might already know about the waterblow in Nusa Dua. But, did you know that Klungkung also has this kind phenomenon? Yup, the Karangdadi Beach offers an awesome waterblow panorama! The phenomenon of high waves is indeed a scene that is commonly found by residents around the coast. So this is the main attraction that you can find while visiting Karangdadi Beach.

Initially, this beach was about to become a fishing village. Almost all the villagers are fishermen. However, due to its coastal conditions that are often affected by abrasion, the local government finally postponed the project temporarily and focused on overcoming abrasion, even though several buildings planned to be used as a fish auction place have already been established. Because it is delayed, this building is often used by the visitors as a selfie spot. Incidentally, the location of the building is not far from the Waterblow. So this place is a favorite place for visitors to take pictures. The beautiful building and the breakwater around the beach are the perfect photo location.

Usually, visitors often choose to come in the afternoon, because the air is very calm. Besides, visitors can also join the fishermen. After capturing the waterblow moment, you can also wait for the evening to come to the Klungkung sky. This is the right moment to be immortalized by your camera. This black sandy beach is rarely visited by foreign tourists. Only local people who come to enliven the atmosphere of the beach.

Karangdadi Beach is located on Jln Raya Kusamba, Kusamba Village, Klungkung Regency. Tourist facilities on the beach aren’t yet adequate. We recommend that you bring your own drinks and snacks. In addition, be sure to rent a vehicle. Because there is no public transportation available to take you to the beach.

Don't forget to be careful if you want to capture the waterblow moment. Bring a waterproof camera to be safe.