Creating Harmony Between Humans Through Ngejot Tradition

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Creating Harmony Between Humans Through Ngejot Tradition.

As a rich island, Bali has never run out of ways to inspire the world community through its traditions. There are so many hereditary rituals that are always applied in their daily lives. One of them is Ngejot, a tradition that teaches the beauty of sharing with others.

The Ngejot tradition is carried out by the Balinese people in general. Not only for Hindu, but it’s also carried out by people of other religions such as Islam and Christian. Ngejot is a tradition of sharing food to neighbors as a form of gratitude. Usually, Ngejot is carried out just before the religious holiday. For example, for the Hindu community, the Ngejot Tradition is carried out before Galungan, Nyepi, and Kuningan. While for Muslims, they carry out Ngejot before Eid al-Fitr. Likewise, for Christians, they carry out this tradition before Christmas.

When the Ngejot Tradition takes place, the food that is distributed is usually in the form of fast food, cakes, and fruits. For fast food for Hindus, there are in the form of urap, lawar, and pork. For the Muslim community, they will get halal food. While on Eid al-Fitr celebration, usually people will share the special Lebaran menu, such as opor ayam.

Although the time of the tradition is different for each religion, the food is still distributed to everyone around regardless of religion. Therefore, the Ngejot Tradition has become a symbol of interfaith harmony in Bali. Not surprisingly, many local and foreign tourists consider that Balinese people is very peaceful. The whole community regards each other as family, because they believe that humans are equal in God's eyes.

Thanks to the traditions that are still sustainable on the island of Bali, relations between communities have remained harmonious. They can coexist and help one another regardless of difference. Yes, the Ngejot Tradition has become clear evidence that differences are not an obstacle to love one another. Through differences, society can build tolerance. If everyone in the world applies this concept, of course peace between human beings will be created properly. Well, for this reason, let's create harmony around us, just like what the Balinese people did during the Ngejot Tradition.