Cycling While Waiting For Sunset At Semawang Beach Sanur

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  • Jl Setapak, Kecamatan Denpasar Selatan


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Cycling While Waiting For Sunset At Semawang Beach Sanur.

Nusa Dua is indeed famous for its rows of beaches that have won the cleanest beach in Bali. Apparently, these beaches in the Sanur area also have the same predicate. For example, in Semawang Beach, South Denpasar. This beach, which is located on the same coastline as Sanur, could be an alternative for you who want to try another interesting places besides famous beaches in Bali.

Recreation at Semawang Beach

Among the beaches that are still in the same coastline with Sanur Beach, Semawang Beach is classified as an exclusive beach. Because the location is right in front of the Fairmount Sanur Beach Hotel, one of the famous five-star hotels in Bali. Located in the opposite side of a five-star hotel, Semawang Beach is required to be always clean from trashes.

Apart from cleanliness, another factor that makes Semawang Beach a must-visit place is that the waves are relatively small and calm. Therefore, you can swim freely without fear of being swept away by big waves. Even children can swim safely and comfortably there. This calm wave condition is influenced by the coral reefs at the bottom of the Semawang Waters which function as natural breakwaters. The existence of coral reefs also makes Semawang Beach one of many popular spots for diving and snorkeling. If you want to dive, you need to rent a boat first. Then, a guard will give you direction to the right spots for diving.

After observing the beautiful underwater world of Semawang Beach, you can relax and do other activities while waiting for sunset. Yup, this beach is also famous for its beautiful sunset panorama! There’s a track along the beach that can be used for jogging, or your can rent a bike and cycle around the beach. Such a healthy way to spend a holiday! 

The beach manager deliberately provides several gazebos for visitors who want to enjoy the sunset. From this gazebo, you can enjoy the sunset view and also the silhouette of Nusa Penida Island and Mt. Agung. It would definitely be a memorable moment, so don't forget to bring a camera to capture it!

Not to forget, around the beach, there are various shops that sell beautiful Balinese souvenirs. The price of items isn’t too expensive. If you have more budget, you can buy something from the gift shop to be brought home as a memento or gift for friends and family.