Endek Woven Fabrics, The Balinese Artwork With Historical And Cultural Value

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  • Pasar Endek, Jl. Puputan No.7, Semarapura Kangin, Kec. Klungkung


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Endek Woven Fabrics, The Balinese Artwork With Historical And Cultural Value.

Many people say the beauty of the island of Bali is unlimited. It is true, the Island of the Gods is not only limited to the charm of the natural panorama and the curve of its beaches. Bali also has a distinctive architectural style of buildings and amazing works of art. Speaking of works of art, the Balinese have a woven cloth that illustrates the natural beauty of the island. His name is Wastra, or also called Endek Woven Fabric.

Speaking of the meaning of a name, the word "Endek" itself certainly has meaning. Derived from the local language, which is "ngendek" or "gendekan" which means silent and the color doesn’t change. The name arises because, through the process of tied and dyed, the color of the yarn doesn’t change. That's why it’s called “ngendek”. 

Woven Endek is one of the Balinese hereditary cultures since the reign of King Dalem Waturenggong, located in Gelgel, Klungkung. Since then, this woven fabric has spread to the surrounding area. After the period of Indonesian independence, Endek Woven Fabrics increasingly developed. So that the speed of production has also increased, especially with the support of the government. 

For the Balinese, Endek Woven Fabric is not an ordinary woven cloth. But it has become a work of art passed down from generation to generation. Thus, this woven fabric has become a cultural identity of the Balinese people. Even today, Balinese people still master this weaving skill and they do it as their daily routine activities. The fabric produced is also usually used for religious rituals. 

You can usually find Endek Woven Fabric in the form of long cloth, sarong, or shawl, with various motives. The motifs drawn on a piece of endek cloth have a variety of roles, and some of them are even considered sacred. Like for example, the motif of encak saji and patra motif. Both of these motifs are only used during religious activities. There are also motifs that can only be used by certain circles, there are also motifs with natural nuances that are usually used for social activities. 

In modern times like today, Endek Woven is commonly used in daily activities. In fact, some are used as basic materials for handicrafts, such as bags and fans, and interior decoration. This woven fabric is also used as a symbol of Menyama Brana and is usually a souvenir for the loved ones. 

In addition to the functions above, Endek Woven Fabric also has an economic function. There are still many Balinese who make a living through weaving that has been passed down for generations. Fortunately, this cultural heritage has been known internationally because of technological advances. In other words, this woven fabric is a work of art and is part of the history and culture of the Balinese people. Don't forget to buy it while you’re on holiday in Bali!