Enjoy The Charming Blue Ocean At Banah Sunset Point

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  • Desa Batumadeg, Kecamatan Nusa Penida, Klungkung


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Enjoy The Charming Blue Ocean At Banah Sunset Point.

Banah Sunset Point has become a pretty object that steals tourists’ attention in Nusa Penida. By local residents, this place is better known as Banah Beach. Even though there are actually no white sand beaches but high coral cliffs in the middle of the ocean. Well, these cliffs are one of the attractions of Banah Sunset Point which are often visited by local and foreign tourists.

Banah Sunset Point

Banah Sunset Point is located in Batumadeg Village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency. To get there, you need to drive a motorbike about 45 minutes from Toya Pakeh Harbor. The route you have to take is also quite challenging. Therefore, expertise in driving is needed in order to conquer the terrain which is quite difficult. Upon your arrival, you can see directions to two locations to enjoy this attraction.

The first location to the west is Panorama View. Offering exotic natural scenery in the form of a stretch of blue ocean and several monoliths in the middle of the ocean. Above the monolith, there is a thick green grass, which of course will add to the beauty of the panorama. In the distance, the ripples of the waves look calm. Sometimes, if the waves hit the monolith when the wind blows hard, you can see white foam appearing on the surface. Give another color nuance to be enjoyed. When the weather is clear, you can even see the tail of the T-Rex on Kelingking Beach, from Banah Sunset Point. Simply by sitting on the edge of a cliff while looking at the landscape in front of you, it can make you relax. 

The second location to the east, namely Banah Cliff. Well, from here you can see there is a cliff shaped like a donut in the middle of the sea. Because it is often hit by waves, the center of the cliff becomes perforated. Because of its shape, this cliff becomes an icon of Banah Sunset Points. Many tourists who come, do not want to waste the opportunity to take pictures with this unique cliff background. To get the right photo, you have to go down the cliff. No need to worry, because there is a ladder going down. Just adjust the right angle so that the cliff can be seen. From this location, occasionally you will see a clear manta ray swimming around the reef. So after taking pictures, you can sit from the top of the cliff while watching the excitement of manta fish playing around the donut cliff. Stay for a while until the afternoon to see an amazing sunset. 

When visiting Banah Sunset Point, you will truly be spoiled by the extraordinary natural view. Your tiredness will disappear instantly. However, stay alert and cautious when around the cliff. Because it has not been facilitated with adequate security. So set your safe limits, before you are too absorbed in enjoying the surroundings.