Enjoying The Fresh Es Tambring

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  • Bali, Indonesia


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Enjoying The Fresh Es Tambring.

The tropical climate cannot be separated from Bali. Sunstroke will always be your travel companion when traveling around the Island of the Gods. But there is one traditional Balinese drink that can make you fresh in the heat. It's called Es Tambring. Maybe you've never heard of it. But Es Tambring is the main drink of Balinese people consumed during the summer.

Es Tambring 

Besides traditional food, Bali also has traditional drinks that are just as delicious. One of them is Es Tambring. This is a favorite drink when summer arrives because the ice is very fresh. Suitable as a thirst reliever in the hot afternoon.

The process of making Es Tambring is quite easy! The material needed is easily found. This drink is made from young coconut mixed with coconut water, tamarind water added with palm sugar, and egg white. For the final touch, just add ice cubes. You are curious, how is the taste of egg whites mixed into sweet drinks? Calm down, it won't taste fishy! Because tamarind will neutralize the fishy taste of egg white. 

When this drink goes into your mouth, it tastes sour, sweet and a little savory taste blends to create a fresh sensation. Really, this drink can relieve thirst in your throat. Not only that, Tambring Ice also has several benefits. Like improving digestion and increasing your stamina. So, Es Tambring is suitable for you to consume while on vacation because it can restore your energy while on vacation in Bali. 

You can find Es Tambring anywhere in Bali. The price is also very affordable for one drink. This drink is very suitable to be enjoyed while relaxing on the beach and listening to the waves. Remember, if you come to Bali, don't forget to try Es Tambring!