Enjoying The Harmony Of Nature In The Menyali Waterfall

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  • Desa Menyali, Kecamatan Sawan


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Enjoying The Harmony Of Nature In The Menyali Waterfall.

Some people are interested in traveling to the beach because it tends to be relaxed and enjoyable. While some others prefer to climb mountains because they want to find more challenges. Others prefer to travel through the city or come to the lake. But there are also people who like to travel to the forest and waterfalls to get some peace and also challenges they can’t find on the mountain.

Menyali Waterfall 

If you’re into the pedestrian group who likes forests and waterfalls, there are interesting places that you must visit. The name is Menyali Waterfall. The location is in Menyali Village, Sawan District, Buleleng Regency. This Waterfall is also called Campurasa Waterfall. However, since it’s located in the village of Menyali, the waterfall is often known as Menyali Waterfall.

The Menyali Waterfall is quite unique. Waterfalls in Bali usually have one or two stories. But in this waterfall, there are three levels with fairly heavy water discharge. The first level waterfall has a height of about 20 meters. The height of the second level waterfall is around 12 meters, while the third one reaches 10 meters. If you visit the waterfall, you will surely be satisfied with this super cool and fresh view. 

You can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature wrapped with calm and peace of the atmosphere around. There is also a natural pool formed under the flow of a falling waterfall. Change your clothes immediately, and feel the sensation of cold mountain springs on your body. The depth of the pool reaches 1.5 meters. So if you can’t swim, you can just soak in a shallow edge. The best thing is, in the late afternoon when the weather is clear, you can see the rainbow. The rainbow is created by the droplets of water blown by the wind is known by the locals as Air Meteja. 

Aside from being a tourist spot, Menyali Waterfall also seems to function as a place for meditation. Local religious leaders often come here to meditate. Trying to develop awareness and increase supernatural power, by uniting with nature. Because it is a sacred area, visitors are expected to maintain good manners, both in words and behavior. 

During your stay at the Menyali Waterfall, enjoy the scenery around you. You will feel a calm and harmonious atmosphere. The peaceful and serene atmosphere is also accompanied by the comfortable air of Bali. Guaranteed this kind of feeling will bring you new energy.