Explore The Uniqueness Of The Holy Place In Nusa Penida, Pura Paluang

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  • Dusun Karang Dawa, Desa Bunga Mekar, Nusa Penida, Klungkung


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Explore The Uniqueness Of The Holy Place In Nusa Penida, Pura Paluang.

The island of Bali is famous for its thousands of unique features from every holy place or temple. Although the temple is a place of worship, Bali is open for visitors with various backgrounds of belief. When visiting the temple, visitors or tourists are required to follow the rules in order to enjoy the cultural diversity and not interfere with the manners of worship. Interested in exploring the uniqueness of holy sites, especially in Nusa Penida?

Pura Paluang is one of the must-visit places. This temple is a sacred place that was located right on the edge of a cliff. When entering the gate, you will see the blue sea-water that is the background of the temple. You’ll find many interesting things from this temple: the beautiful scenery, pelinggih form, and the story behind its construction. Now, to arrive at Pura Paluang which is also known as Pura Mobil, you have to travel 20 minutes from the villages of Bunga Mekar Village. Although many roads are damaged, once you arrive here, you will feel a very different atmosphere that will impress you.

In this holy place, there are two pelinggih in the form of a car. Jimmy's car (the bigger one) and Volkswagen (the smaller one). These two pelinggih are the places of Ida Bhatara Ratu Gede Ngurah and Ratu Gede Sakti Hyang Mami. In addition to two unique shaped pelinggih, there are also several unique statues.

Initially, car pelinggih in Paluang Temple was built of wood. However, due to being crushed by time, the wooden building began to decay, so it needed renovation. Based on the testimony of the original inhabitants of this place, it is unknown the year that the Paluang Temple was built, because the inscriptions that marked the building were not found.

From the background of the story, before it was built, this temple was used as a sacred place of a citizen planning to make a plantation. During the plantation process, they found a rock that was large enough that they needed to move it. After successfully being moved, the next day the rock returned to its original place. As a result of these events, finally built Palu Pura or Car Temple.

If you are planning a vacation in Nusa Penida, then be sure to visit this holy place. The location is in the westernmost part of Nusa Penida Island, precisely in Bunga Mekar Village, Karang Dawa Hamlet. Let's prepare your vacation trip from now on!