Exploring The Bali Starling Conservation Sites In Brumbun Bay

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Exploring The Bali Starling Conservation Sites In Brumbun Bay.

Located in the westernmost part of Bali Island, West Bali National Park or TNBB is one of the exotic tourist attractions on the Island of the Gods. Because in TNBB, you can find a hidden paradise that will amaze you. The natural beauty of this place will make you feel relaxed and your vacation will be very pleasant.

Brumbun Bay 

Not too many tourists have heard the name of Brumbun Bay. One of the reasons could be because this bay is located quite hidden from the West Bali National Park Office. Due to its hidden location, Brumbun Bay became a hidden paradise for nature lovers. The natural surroundings seemed to promise an exciting adventure for anyone who came to visit.

Brumbun Bay is the conservation of Bali Starlings. You must already know that this type of bird is an endemic animal originating from the island of Bali. Seeing the condition of Brumbun Bay which is still very natural and far from the crowds, the local government made this bay a breeding place for Bali Starlings. The conservation cage is a giant dome made of woven iron wire. So, you can see firsthand the beauty of Bali Starling. If you are lucky, you can witness the release process of Bali Starling which is considered to be able to live freely in nature. 

Not only seeing the starling habitat, but you also have the opportunity to see a variety of other animals around the conservation, such as monkeys. Because this bay is still a wilderness area, it is very suitable as a residence for primates. You can walk a little into the forest to meet with monkeys. However, stay alert and maintain calm while in the forest. Don't make those monkeys feel threatened by human presence. 

After seeing the animals, it's time to relax on the beach accompanied by the waves and singing birds. The atmosphere of this very quiet beach is perfect for you who want to find peace. In fact, you can feel the beach in Brumbun Bay as if it were your own. 

You can go to this place both by sea or land trip. Sea trip can be taken for approximately 45 minutes, crossing from Labuhan Lalang Pier by using a resident ship. While land trips take longer because the terrain is hard enough to pass. 

It’s better to start your exploration in the morning. Since the Brumbun Bay is a forest area, the lighting facilities aren’t good enough, except in the TNBB Balai building. So, you have to finish your exploration before it’s dark. Don't forget to prepare food supplies as well as a full charge camera!