Fingerprint Museum, The Unique And Beautiful Painting

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  • Jalan Hayam Wuruk, Panjer, Denpasar


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Fingerprint Museum, The Unique And Beautiful Painting.

In addition, to be a paradise of beautiful beaches, Bali also has many charming paintings by local artists. You certainly agree that in Bali, many versatile artists have produced stunning works. One of them is a painter who lives in Denpasar. He has produced so many beautiful paintings and poems.

Fingerprint Museum 

The Museum of Fingerprint Painting is quite famous in Balinese society. No one even uses this technique today. Reportedly, this fingerprint painting technique is the only one in Indonesia. So you should come to this museum to see the beautiful artwork that has become worldwide.

Gede Ngurah Rai Pemecutan is the figure behind these stunning paintings. He is the one who discovered this unique technique which was later patented until today. Initially, Gede Ngurah Pemecutan painted a Balinese dancer and he suddenly felt disappointed, because he thought that the painting wasn’t that good. He took a look at the Balinese dancer's painting, grabbed his watercolor paints, and put it on his fingers. Yes, he then used his fingers to scratch the paintings. 

But, after being observed, it turned out the results of the scratches formed a beautiful color. Then he tried to continue the graffiti, so it became a perfect painting. Finally, later, Gede Ngurah Pemecutan tried to make another painting using his right index finger. Day by day, more and more paintings are made. Until finally, he held a solo exhibition sponsored by one of the ambassadors of a foreign country. 

This solo exhibition was held thanks to his interview with one of the journalists from foreign media. From there, news about fingerprint painting began to spread abroad. Gede Ngurah Pemecutan then studied in several countries and bought new painting tools. But he still focused on his typical painting. When going around this museum, you will find a lot of objects that have been immortalized by Gede Ngurah. 

From afar, this painting will look like an ordinary painting. But if you look at it from a certain angle, you will that the picture in the painting is made from many dots. After his first work, the Balinese dancer, Gede Ngurah Pemecutan became more active in painting. However, in his old age, he was no longer productive. His physical condition made it impossible to make paintings that he used to. Well, if you visit the Fingerprint Painting Museum, be sure to see the schedule first. Because on weekdays, some rooms in this museum are converted into kindergartens. So you should come here after 11:00 WITA.