Fun Recreation On Summer At Lingga Beach

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  • Desa Kaliuntu, Kecamatan Buleleng


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Fun Recreation On Summer At Lingga Beach.

What is your favourite activity on the beach? Swimming? Making a castle from beach sand? Or surfing? If all of these things are your favourite activities, then you have to visit Lingga Beach. For the full review, read this article to the end!

Lingga Beach

If you want to stay overnight in the area of ​​Buleleng, don't forget to play around in Lingga Beach. Lingga Beach has its own characteristics. When you arrive at the beach, your arrival will be welcomed with large rocks scattered around. Yes, the location is indeed surrounded by sturdy rocks so the beach has a hidden impression like a private beach. But the presence of these corals adds an exotic value to Lingga Beach.

So what makes this Lingga Beach crowded? So, in addition to its strategic location, this beach has turquoise-coloured sea water that is very clear and charming. So clear, you can see directly the rocks below. When the weather in Bali is very hot, it’s very nice to swim there. Since these corals are easily visible because of the clear sea water, you can easily determine the best spot for swimming.

Besides having a clear sea water, this beach also has big waves. So, it’s pretty fun to surf there. Perfect for you who like to conquer the waves. Since there’s a lot of coral around the shoreline, you have to swim 300 meters into the middle of the sea to be able to surf optimally. Right in the middle of the sea, the waves are quite large with strong underwater currents. So that this spot fits into a challenge for wave conquerors. Lingga Beach's reputation as a surfing spot is quite well-known among foreign tourists.

Besides that, the white sand in Lingga Beach is very beautiful, especially if it’s exposed to the sunlight. The sand seemed to emit an elegant golden glow. Surely, this is a beautiful sight to behold. Not only beautiful, the sand is also smooth. So that it can make you comfortable sunbathing on the beach after swimming or relaxing after surfing while waiting for the sunset.

Lingga Beach is already equipped with fairly complete facilities. If you bring a private vehicle, a large parking lot has been provided. There are also surfboard rentals and toilets to rinse your body. And there are also restaurants that are ready to overcome your hunger with delicious food.

So after getting an overview of the reviews above, what do you think about the Lingga Beach. When visiting the beach, don’t forget to bring an eco-sunblock that contains high SPF to protect your skin. Don't forget to bring a mat for you to sunbathe. In addition, because you will walk up and down the stairs, you should use a pair of comfortable footwear. Have a good vacation!.