Herbal Plants From Bali That Will Nourish Our Body

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Herbal Plants From Bali That Will Nourish Our Body.

The Land of the Gods, or commonly known as Bali Island, has fertile soil. Various plants can grow, including herbal plants that are healthy for our bodies. Plants with certain properties have been scientifically studied, in fact, many people have switched from chemical treatments to herbal treatments. Medical experts also recognize that certain plants have healthy content. Some of the plants below are used by the Balinese to maintain a healthy body and can be used routinely.

1. Turmeric

Rhizome plant called turmeric, with the Latin name curcuma longa, is not only used as a spice in cooking. Turmeric is also often used as a complement to rituals or traditional ceremonies. Also, this plant with various benefits can delay brain function degradation and can improve memory.

Turmeric can grow on plains with a height of less than 2000 meters above sea level. Turmeric itself has various types, such as black turmeric, white turmeric, and orange turmeric. The easiest type to find for its medicinal properties is orange turmeric.

2. Cat's whiskers

Plants with flowers such as cat's whiskers are useful for diuretics or facilitate the release of urine. Often used to treat kidney and other diseases. And amazingly, all parts of this plant can be used to maintain a healthy body.

With the Latin name Orthosiphon Aristatus, this plant grows in various tropical countries including Singapore, Malaysia and several countries on the Australian continent. In addition to cleaning bacteria that are lodged in the bladder, cat's whiskers can also reduce uric acid levels. Tea from this plant is very easy to find in herbal stores.

3. Cananga flower

Cananga flowers are common for sowing flowers. However, this fragrant flower can cure several diseases. Don't be surprised if the Land of the Gods also keeps secrets. One of the secrets is the benefit of this plant. Cananga odorata can treat dizziness, fever, muscle aches, joints, and menstrual pain. In yellowish-green Cananga flowers contain flavonoids, saponons, pelifenol and essential oils. The way to get the benefits of this flower is brewed with warm water and drink. Easy peasy!

Amazingly, Cananga flowers that have been dried can treat malaria. In the same way, which is brewed like tea.

4. Jarak Bali

The ornamental plant with the Latin name Jatropha podagrica hook has a single stem. The stem is slightly branched with orange-red flowers, while the fruit is elliptical and flat with white sap. The tuber parts are often used for treatment. Well, it turns out this herbaceous plant has various benefits for treating diseases. Among others, as a painkiller, relieve swelling, reduce body heat and eliminate toxins.

It's quite easy to process, boil the tubers as much as 10 grams. After boiled, the tubers are crushed and applied to a sick or swollen part of the body.

5. Kecemcem

Kecemcem plants are shrubs with green leaves and oval-shaped fruit. The color of the fruit is yellowish-green. This plant is often processed into a drink known as Loloh Cemcem. Packed in bottles making it easier for buyers to consume. This healthy drink is very easy to find in Bali, especially in the Penglipuran Village area. This plant has a content that can reduce blood pressure. In addition, it is useful to balance the digestive system.

Kecemcem is known as kedondong hutan by local residents. Scientifically, the name of the plant is Spondias pinnata. Not only has the two benefits mentioned above, but the plant also has another function: it’s to cure cough. Its benefits are quite a lot, right? Besides being beneficial for health, it can also be treated as a fresh drink. If you are on holiday in Bali, don't forget to taste the Loloh Cemcem drink.