Ida Ratu Niang Sakti, The Generous Goddess

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  • Jalan Kumbakarna, Dauh Puri Kaja


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Ida Ratu Niang Sakti, The Generous Goddess.

If you are on holiday in Bali, you can visit Kumbakarna Street, Dauh Puri Kaja, Denpasar. There, you will meet Ida Ratu Niang Sakti, a pelinggih to worship God in the form of a statue of a female priestess. It is located on the west side of the bridge, precisely next to Wangaya Market. The place is never empty of visitors. Many people stopped for a moment to pray.

Ida Ratu Niang Sakti is one of the most favorite pangayengan. Yes, this is because the location is close to big cities. However, there is one main reason that makes this place famous. According to the local people, Ida Ratu Niang Sakti often goes there. There are also many mystical stories around this pangayengan. It is said that there are many people who saw the statue of Ida Ratu Niang Sati glanced or smiled.

It is said to be a "favorite", because it is not only Hindus who come and pray there. You can see a lot of Chinese people who visit the pangayengan and pray. For them, Ratu Niang was also called the Goddess Kwan Im: The Goddess of sustenance and life.

This pangeyangan was established in 1998. According to pemangku, Ngurah Gede Agung, initially he only planned to make ordinary pelinggih. However, his brother dreamed of making a statue, in the form of a statue of Ida Ratu Niang Sakti.

This statue is also located very close to the market. Thus, many traders and buyers offer prayers and offerings, like cigarettes, sirih pinang, candy, and others. Usually, many people beg the Goddess because they wish to meet their soul mate. There are also people who ask for healing from an illness, and also ask for an abundance of sustenance. Yes, Ida Ratu Niang Sakti is indeed known to be very "generous" by her people.

Ida Ratu Niang Sakti is a loving goddess. Known to the community as a goddess who often leads people who are confused and are looking for the truth. The people believe, Ida Ratu Niang Sakti will be close to the people who serve in the path of darma. The loving goddess is believed to always be there to guide her people to the path of truth, and is also known as a goddess who loves her people. If you want to pray, or just want to 'meet' the statue of Ida Ratu Niang Sakti, you can go to the edge of the bridge that connects Jalan Kumbakarna!