Injin Porridge, A Balinese Food With A Lot Of Nutrition

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Injin Porridge, A Balinese Food With A Lot Of Nutrition.

Bali is the best place to unburden your shoulders. Get away from your daily routine, relax on the beach, and enjoy the typical food. This time, let's find out more about injin porridge. This porridge is one of the Balinese identities. Usually, you can find this porridge at the traditional markets and also some eating places on the roadside.

Injin Porridge is usually hunted by tourists because it tastes good and the price is relatively cheap. Made from black sticky rice as the main ingredient, injin porridge is processed with coconut milk which makes it taste more savory. Interestingly, you can add the toppings you want! 

Not only delicious, injin porridge can also make your body healthier. Black sticky rice does have good nutritional content, such as iron, B vitamins, fiber, and minerals. The nutritional content in injin porridge can also increase your energy. So, you can be healthier and more vibrant during the holidays! In addition, the B vitamin can nourish your skin and avoid you from various skin problems. Injin porridge has a low-fat content, so it is good for heart health. High fiber can also prevent cholesterol and lower blood pressure. 

Feeling impatient waiting for the holidays to eat this porridge? You can make it yourself at home. It’s easy to make, using easy to find ingredients. 

To make injin porridge, first prepare the main ingredients, which are: 

- 100 gr white sticky rice

- 150 gr black sticky rice

- 1½ liters of water

- 2 pandan leaves

- 250 gr brown sugar, finely ground

- 1 teaspoon salt

After that, prepare the ingredients for making coconut milk: 

- 750 ml of coconut milk

- ½ teaspoon salt

- 2 pandan leaves

After all the ingredients are ready, put black sticky rice, white sticky rice, and pandan leaves in the boiled water, then stir until it’s cooked. After that, add brown sugar and salt, keep stirring until the sugar and salt dissolve evenly, and the water boiled away. 

Then, you can start making coconut milk. Pour coconut milk and salt, then add pandan leaves. Boil over low heat, and stir gently until the texture is thick. After that, injin porridge is ready to be served. You can also add various toppings according to taste. Such as banana slices, apples, cheese, or others. Have a try!