Janger Pegok Dance, An Amazing Collective Performance

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  • Banjar Pegok, Desa Sesetan, Denpasar Selatan


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Janger Pegok Dance, An Amazing Collective Performance.

Dance is an art form that involves body movements, also other external and internal things. In Bali, dance is a valuable art. In addition to describing the beauty of its movement, dances in Bali have a magical side because it is related to the spirit and beliefs of the local community. Janger dance in Pegok Banjar, Sesetan, South Denpasar is also very meaningful for the safety of the local community. Yes, art forms and safety are indeed two things that are not logically related. Then, why is Janger Dance important for safety?

In the beginning, Janger Pegok Dance was just entertainment. After work, young people and local residents practice dancing and humming. Janger comes from the words in the book Kaja and Kelod which have the meaning, 'avid love'. Janger is danced by female and male dancers. In dancing Janger, dancers also hum. Well, humming brings a romantic impression. In this impression, the cheerful atmosphere in everyday life also implied.

The collective work of the Janger Dance community eventually became the opening of a religious ceremony. Starting from pawisik received by a resident that contains story about the Dance Janger. This makes the Janger Dance must be displayed when the residents carry out piodalan.

Starting from 1937, the residents of Banjar Pegok consider Janger dance only as entertainment after work or to spare time. Eventually, it became a sacred dance that was performed with Barong Ket and Rangda. Every year, the Janger Dance is shown at the Nyolahan procession. The procession was carried out three days after the Pujawali Ida Bhatara piodalan and opened with the Janger Dance. While the two sacred dances, Barong Ket and Rangda are the closing dance offerings.

Every day, certain dancers practice at Banjar Pegok. Prospective dancers don’t have to have special skills in dancing. According to the banjar elders, what is needed to dance and sing a sacred dance is purity of heart. Skills in dancing and singing can be achieved by diligently practicing.

The graceful gestures and glances of the eyes that characterize the Janger Dance are not only beautiful. Sacred atmosphere will be felt because of the totality of dancers in presenting it. A Balinese dancer, especially the Janger Dance, does not only have skills. The totality that is composed of the unity of choreography and sentiment also makes Janger Dance feel magical.

If you are interested in enjoying Balinese dances, you can check out traditions, arts, and cultural events that are held during your visit. Luckily in Bali, there is a lot of interesting events. So, check your own schedule then enjoy the performance!