Learn To Make Batik In The Tohpati Cultural Village

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Learn To Make Batik In The Tohpati Cultural Village.

Klungkung Regency in Bali is famous for its Kamasan Painting in the Kamasan Tourism Village. But apparently, Klungkung also has the other interesting tourism village. This village offers a new experience for visitors. It's called Tohpati Cultural Village. What are the interesting things about this Tohpati Cultural Village? Let’s read the article below.

Tohpati Cultural Village

Lately, the Tohpati Cultural Village has become a cultural tourism destination that has caught the attention of both local and foreign tourists, because you can hunt batik in the village. Yes, batik is the main commodity owned by Tohpati Village. With this local wisdom, the local residents try to introduce it to tourists. By opening a variety of boutiques to place batik crafts.

Actually, batik patterns in Tohpati Village are not much different from batik patterns originating from other regions in Bali. His motives still retain traditional traits by displaying patrons such as deer, dragon, turtle, or bird. In fact, lately some sellers have begun to develop batik motifs with the theme of decoration or natural scenery combined with bright colors so that batik cloth looks more diverse. Previously, the dominance of batik in Tohpati Village tended to be soft in color.

The variety of batik in this village is not only in the form of sheet cloth. There are also already created in the form of clothing, ties, dresses, bags, wallets, headbands, and various other crafts. You can choose the items as desired. Batik lovers must definitely visit this place to hunt batik as an additional collection at home.

In addition to shopping at available boutiques, you can also try making batik. There are several boutiques that allow tourists to learn batik techniques. Starting from the making of motif images, to the discoloration. There three types of batik processing, namely batik tulis, stamp, and print. The existence of this activity can increase the knowledge of tourists, especially foreign, who are not so familiar with batik techniques. It also can avoid monotonous tourism activity, like only touring from one boutique to another.

For the price range, Batik Tohpati is a little more expensive. Starting from IDR 200,000 to IDR 6,000,000. That's because the process of making batik is still using traditional methods. It also depends on the complexity of the motif, size, and type of fabric used. The better the quality and motives, of course the more expensive the price.

If you are interested, you can visit this village in the Banjarangkan District area, Klungkung Regency. This place is known as the center of art and culture in Klungkung Regency. When entering this village, you can already see a variety of batik that is sold on the edge of the Tohpati Village main road.