Learning About Salt Production At Monggalan Beach, Klungkung

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  • Desa Kusamba, Kecamatan Dawan


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Learning About Salt Production At Monggalan Beach, Klungkung.

Seeing the sunset and sunrise has become a normal activity to do when visiting the beach. But what about witnessing salt production by salt farmers? It could be an interesting thing, right? If you are curious and want to see it directly, then just come to Monggalan Beach in Klungkung Regency.

Monggalan Beach

This beach is located in west of Kusamba Beach and east of Karang Nadi Beach. By the local government, Monggalan Beach is used as a crossing point to Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Not only as a crossing place, this beach can also be used as a pleasant place of recreation. With these natural conditions that are still beautiful and natural, anyone who comes to Monggalan Beach will stay in this place for long hours.

Because it is located on the same coastline as Kusamba Beach, the marine products of Monggalan Beach are also quite amazing. So that many local residents whose main livelihood as fishermen. So do not be surprised if you find lots of fisherman djoekoengs leaning neatly on the beach. You can use Jukung fishermen as a background to take pictures. Just adjust the lighting and the right angle, your photo will look perfect.

Not only that, this beach is also famous as the sunrise beach. In the morning, this beach is great for watching the sun emerge from behind the horizon. The sunrise moment appeared in Klungkung around 05.56 West Indonesia Time. Come about 15 minutes beforehand so you can choose the right spot to watch the sunrise. The beauty of the reddish-colored sun, combined with the activities of fishermen, is truly a unique sight. After capturing the moment of sunrise, you can jog on the beach while breathing fresh sea air in the morning. Whereas in the afternoon, Monggalan Beach is often used as an arena to play beach volleyball and soccer.

Besides having beautiful natural scenery, there are unique things that you can find there. Namely the salt farmers. If the weather is good, you can see firsthand the process of making this traditional salt on the Monggalan Coast. You can ask the salt farmer's permission to participate in helping salt production! Although the traditional salt-making activities have begun to decrease because it is less profitable for salt farmers. However, Kusamba salt is known as a high-quality salt product with a unique taste. You can bring this distinctive Kusamba salt home as a souvenir too.

The location of the tourist attractions of Monggalan Beach is Jln Windu Segara I, Kusamba Village, Dawan District. Before crossing the three islands of Nusa, you can stop by for a moment to relax here. Enjoy the calm and soothing sea breeze of Monggalan Beach!.