Let’s Try Jaja Godoh, The Balinese Version Of Fried Banana

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  • Denpasar Utara


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Let’s Try Jaja Godoh, The Balinese Version Of Fried Banana.

Wanna have some culinary tours? Let’s try one of the delicious Balinese snacks this time! Bali has various types of snacks to accompany your relaxing times. One of the most popular ones is Jaja Godoh.

This traditional snack is made from bananas. Jaja Godoh does indeed resemble fried bananas but in the Balinese version. Not surprisingly, many choose this snack as a friend to relax while drinking coffee or tea or hangout with family or friends. 

If you want to taste this food, you can find it easily in Bali. Understandably, Jaja Godoh is indeed a favorite food for almost all people on the island of Bali. Whether it's in a roadside stall, café, or even in a fancy restaurant, you can find it. However, Jaja Godoh in each place can be different. 

In a café or restaurant, usually, Jaja Godoh is served with a more unique look, by adding a variety of appetizing toppings and decorations. Whereas in a roadside stall, you will only find Jaja Godoh without any additions. Both are delicious. What kind of Jaja Godoh are you interested in? After you have the answer to that question, you can choose where to eat! 

Make Jaja Godoh at Home 

Well, it’s easy to make Jaja Godoh! First of all, prepare the banana as the basic ingredients. Generally, the banana used is pisang kepok. However, you can also choose a different type of banana, like pisang raja, for example. After preparing the banana, cut it into shapes and sizes according to taste. 

Next, provide rice flour, flour, sugar, salt, whiting, and also water. This flour mixture will be used to coat the outside of the banana before frying it. The third step, prepare ingredients to make unti, consisting of brown sugar, salt, granulated sugar, grated coconut, pandan leaves, and water. 

If the ingredients above are ready, you can start the cooking process. First, mix all the ingredients for the flour mixture and stir it evenly. After that, put the bananas that have been sliced one by one to the flour mixture. Make sure the sliced banana is wrapped in flour mixture perfectly. Then, the sliced bananas covered with flour mixture are ready to be fried until they turn into brown. 

After that, it's time to mix all the ingredients to make the unti (except grated coconut) until the texture is thick like a reddish sauce. Then, pour the unti sauce onto the fried bananas. Then, sprinkle grated coconut on top of it. Jaja Godoh is ready to be enjoyed with your loved ones!