Lukat Geni Tradition Of Klungkung: Self-Cleansing Using Fire

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  • Desa Paksebali, Kecamatan Dawan


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Lukat Geni Tradition Of Klungkung: Self-Cleansing Using Fire.

Every Province, Regency, or City in the archipelago certainly has a unique and diverse tradition, art, and culture. This tradition exists because of the cultural heritage of the ancestors. With the belief in preserving the heritage of ancestors, various traditions carried out since ancient times are still living in the midst of society until today.

The tradition of Lukat Geni 

Having many unique traditions will enrich the existing culture. One of them in Bali, in addition to attractions with beautiful scenery, Bali also has a unique variety of cultures. Of course, it attracts tourist visits to the island. Bali, especially the people of Klungkung Regency have a tradition that is still carried out until now. They believe that this tradition will bring good benefits and avoid disaster.

That tradition is the Lukat Geni Tradition or commonly referred to as the war of fire. Lukat Geni was held before pengerupukan day, on the evening before the ogoh-ogoh parade. More precisely the day before Nyepi Day. This tradition was abolished for a long time but has been preserved again in recent years to preserve the cultural heritage that has been passed down by the ancestors. 

Lukat Geni is derived from the word "lukat" which means cleansing itself from impurities, both physically and mentally, while the term "geni" means fire. So the meaning of Lukat Geni is to cleanse yourself from bad things by using fire. This ceremony will neutralize the negative forces of nature and eliminate bad qualities in human beings before they celebrate Catur Brata Penyepian. With this ceremony, they also hope that nature will become balanced and achieve harmony and strengthen kinship. 

Lukat Geni is indeed a very unique tradition. This tradition is usually carried out in the Catus Pata of Paksebali Village. Before the fire war, the residents will begin with prayers at the local temple or Merajan led by Pemangku. Residents will ask for safety during the activity takes place. For the process of warfare, residents use fire from tied up coconut leaves. After the fire started blazing in the palm leaves, then the media is smashed into each opponent. 

Interestingly, no people were hurt despite the hot fire on their body skin. There is also no voice of scolding, moans of anger, or complaints that are often spoken if we get a dangerous attack. What was heard was the sound of Baleganjur's punches that added enthusiasm. As well as the cheers of the audience that were amazed to see this action. No revenge. Conversely, those who have this tradition are believed to be able to strengthen the kinship between them. The people of Paksebali Village really enjoy the Lukat Geni Tradition. Because they believe that this tradition is a means of self-cleansing that can burn misfortune and be melted in embers. 

Usually, the people of Paksebali Village allow tourists to watch the Lukat Geni Tradition. The purpose of opening this opportunity is merely to introduce the cultural heritage of their ancestors to the public. Well, if you have the opportunity to see it directly, then you should rather move away from the performance area. Because the fire sparks will fly everywhere so the air around the area will feel very hot. Enjoy watching and don't forget to share your experience with those who are closest to you.