Lumpiang Pincuk, A Unique Snack At Sanur Beach

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Lumpiang Pincuk, A Unique Snack At Sanur Beach.

Unique flavors can be enjoyed around the island of Bali. If you want to spend vacation time, you try to taste a unique snack: Lumpiang Pincuk. These snack sellers generally go around carrying a box of glass. From a distance you will see a rather long-sized food with a yellowish color. Yep, how to eat is quite unique. You will eat it with seasoning that will melt in your mouth. Want to know more info about this snack? Check the review.

Lumpiang Pincuk sellers will kindly offer the food they sell. He brought a box of glass, where he kept chili peppers and petis sauce. Lumpiang is similar to another regional food in Indonesia called Lumpia. Made from a skin made from flour dough and sago. Then, the skin is filled with vegetables in the form of carrots, bean sprouts, and pieces of tofu. The filling has been given a special spice. The spice will give a savory, salty and delicious taste. After being stuffed, the skin is folded lengthwise then fried dry.

Spicy taste, sweetness and aroma of shrimp will melt in the mouth, and produce extraordinary delicacy. The taste of the fish comes from the petis. Petis is made from small-sized sea shrimp which are ground and boiled. Then mixed with brown sugar or palm sugar so that the color turns black. Petis will give the scent of sea fish or shrimp. There are also those who make buffalo meat petis.

On the edge of Sanur's scorching and sunny beach, Lumpiang Pincuk is the right choice of snacks, accompanied by young coconut ice which can eliminate the aroma of shrimp and spicy from Lumpiang.

Lumpiang is uniquely served, namely with a sheet of Pincuk. The seller will skillfully form a cone from a piece of food wrapping paper. There are also those who make pincuk from banana leaves or teak leaves. But on Sanur Beach, in general Lumpiang Pincuk sellers use paper to serve this food.

When you get an order, the Lumpiang Pincuk seller will prepare it. He opened the glass case, then quickly cut the right-sized Lumpiang. After a few pieces of Lumpiang are cut, the Petis sauce is poured on top. Finally, according to the order he will cut some chilies. If you don't like the spicy taste, order medium or no chili. Furthermore, a piece of stick will be provided to facilitate buyers in enjoying piece by piece Lumpiang Pincuk.

This simple snack with perfect taste can fill your Santa's day on the edge of Sanur Beach. With a price range below IDR 10,000, you can get one portion. Enjoy the beach on the island of Bali!