Mekorot Kite Festival: Preserving The Buleleng Tradition

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Mekorot Kite Festival: Preserving The Buleleng Tradition.

Culture is formed due to certain history or background stories. Like the culture that developed and passed down from generation to generation on the island of Bali. When Bali becomes a tourist destination, the tourists will see directly the culture of the local people. There are many cultural events or ceremonies that can be enjoyed while we’re in Bali. One of the events that’s held every dry season is the Mekorot Kite Festival. This festival is already passed down from generation to generation. So, why is this festival interesting to be enjoyed and preserved?

For the Balinese, kites are related to Rare Angon. Rare Angon is a buffalo herder. In the middle of the rice fields, while guarding the buffalo, he blew his flute to summon the wind. The breeze blew, which made the Rare Angon fly. Balinese believe that Rare Angon is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. That means, Lord Rare Angon plays a major role in the harvest. Due to this background, flying kites is becoming activities during and before the harvest.

In general, the Kite Festival takes place in a wide area with strong winds. Mekorot as a tradition of Buleleng, has a unique excitement compared to other festivals. Maybe you find a kite festival in South Bali with a unique, large and colorful form of a kite. However, the Mekorot Kite Festival relies on strategy and agility to defeat opponents.

In this festival, the black thread is the mainstay of kite fliers. The thread used is also given glue and glass powder. The process of modifying the yarn requires special skills. The shape of the kite is the same, black with yellow and red lines. Its tail is long so it looks dashing when flying following the clouds. One team, generally followed by more than three people.

With the capital of the loop and recognizing the motion of the wind, the pilot team slowly brought its kite to the sky. And, it's not easy to always survive and become the last kite to rule the sky of Buleleng. The winner of the Kite Festival is called the King of Mekorot. Want to know who is the king of the great sky that survived to decorate the clear sky of Singaraja City?

Take your time to enjoy this event every year in Buleleng Regency. Every year, this event will be held in different places. So, check information about cultural events based on the local traditions