Pagerwesi Ceremony, The Day Of Wisdom

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  • Bali, Indonesia


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Pagerwesi Ceremony, The Day Of Wisdom.

Bali is an exotic island famous for their rich tradition. You can explore the Balinese culture by recognizing their ritual that is usually held by the local communities. Besides Nyepi (the day of silence) and Galungan, Pagerwesi Day becomes one of the biggest ceremony that is celebrated by the Balinese Hindu.

Pagerwesi is derived from the words Pager (iron) and Wesi (fence). The words iron and fence are the symbol of self-protection against the evil spirit. In addition, it also said that the iron fence also has a purpose to protect the knowledge you’ve gained on Saraswati Day. It’s a celebration four days before Pagerwesi.

Pagerwesi Day is also dedicated to worship Sanghyang Paramesti Guru or God Siva. It is the God who’s responsible to wipe out all the bad and evil entities in the world. Sanghyang Paramesti Guru also leads people to live their lives appropriately by avoiding any bad behaviors or evil desires.

Pagerwesi is celebrated every 210 days or once in 6 months, based on Balinese Pawukon Calendar. When the day comes, you’ll see Balinese offerings at almost every house. People also put their offerings on the graves of any deceased family members that haven’t been cremated to protect them spiritually. After that, they will pray at the private temple in their house called Sanggah or Merajan, then going to the temple that is located near the village. Pagerwesi is different from other Balinese ceremonies, because it’s celebrated in the middle of the night.