Palinggih Ganesha Pura Agung Menasa: The Most Unique Statue In Bali

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  • Br dinas menasa, Desa Sinabun, Kecamatan Sawan


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Palinggih Ganesha Pura Agung Menasa: The Most Unique Statue In Bali.

Bali is known with its rich and diverse historical heritage. Even recently, the Denpasar Archeology (Balar) team stated that the Ganesha aresha at Agung Menasa Temple is a unique statue and the only one in Bali. Yes, there is indeed a Balar Denpasar team who is identifying a number of statues, artifacts, and reliefs in the temple.

Krama Adat Sinabun Village, Sawan District, Buleleng, has just finished restoration of the Menasa Agung Temple. Now, during this post-restoration, the Balar Denpasar team finally made a temple visit to discuss. There are many unique discoveries that are historical relics of the 12th century to the 13th century. According to the Head of Denpasar Archeology Center, I Gusti Made Suarbawa, the Menasa area has existed since the 10th century. This is written in some inscriptions that once discussed about this area, such as the Kintamani, Tamblingan, Bulian, and Julah inscriptions. This area was a coastal city back then.

The construction of the Great Menasa Temple is also thought to have started with three stones from the megalithic era in the upper reaches of the Ganesha. After that, the construction of the temple adopted European and Chinese influences which were modified according to their need. From this, we can see that the Balinese are very open to outside influences, but still show their true identity.

In addition, the Adat Sinabun village krama also found a number of artifacts during the restoration period. For example, ceramic fragments from the 13th century Yuan Dynasty, and also ceramic fragments from the 14th century Ming dynasty. According to I Gusti Made Suarbawa, the ceramic fragments found in the Menasa forest region were the wealth of the community at the time. At that time, the Menasa community made direct trade with China. Well, it can be concluded that the Menasa region is not a kingdom, but a coastal city. A number of inscriptions also mention that Menasa is closely related to bahari or marine activities.

The restoration carried out by the Adat Sinabun Village krama is a worthy effort that has to be appreciated. This restoration is a form of preserving and respecting the historical heritage of the ancestors. Moreover, with the presence of the unique Ganesha palinggih.

Pura Agung Menasa is one of the old temples inherited from the 9th century. Although it is fragile and many are porous with age, this activity will restore the temple structure. Of course, the original form and architecture of the temple remain preserved.