Pesan Be Nyawan, Dare To Try The Unique Culinary Made Of Wasp's Nest?

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  • Jln. Drupadi, Kelurahan Sumerta, Denpasar Selatan


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Pesan Be Nyawan, Dare To Try The Unique Culinary Made Of Wasp's Nest?.

What traditional cuisine have you tried in Bali? Most of you might have tried the chicken betutu and nasi campur, or maybe jinggo rice. Well, there are other more interesting typical Balinese culinary. It's called Pesan Be Nyawan Message. This culinary is typical of Klungkung Regency. So, if your holiday agenda is in Klungkung area, you can try it.

Pesan Be Nyawan 

In Balinese, “pesan” means pepes, whereas “nyawan” means wasp nest. From the meaning of his name, Pesan Be Nyawan is a bees' nest pepes. Don't be surprised. Maybe this food sounds unusual, but many people said that this unique culinary is tasty.

It's easy to find seasonings used to make Pepes Nyawan. Because it’s only using common spices such as galangal, coriander, clove leaves, chili, cumin with the addition of onion, garlic, and shrimp paste. But, even though it’s easy to make it, it’s pretty hard to find is the main ingredient, the wasp's nest. The boiled nest is mixed with vegetables such as long beans and spices that have been mashed. After mixing, all ingredients are sauteed until fragrant and cooked. Then, Be Nyawan's message is ready to enjoy. 

When you first taste this culinary, the first sensation you will feel is like chewing small gravel tucked in the food, but with a softer texture. The savory taste that comes from the seasoning mixture certainly makes anyone addicted to taste it again. Apparently these foods are proven to be good for health because wasps' nests have high nutritional content. 

Unfortunately, these foods are rare and quite difficult to find. Today, the local people seem reluctant to go directly into the forest to find wasps’ nest. A wasps’ nest harvested directly from the forest has the most delicious taste if it’s processed into pepes. However, although it has become a rare food, there’s one stall in Denpasar that still sells Pesan Be Nyawan. It’s called Warung Tresni, located at Jln. Drupadi, Kelurahan Sumerta, South Denpasar, Denpasar Regency. 

For those of you who like unusual food, you should taste Pesan Be Nyawan if you visit Denpasar. Therefore, you can enrich the taste of Balinese traditional food.