Piodalan, Sacred Ceremony At Tanah Lot Temple Bali

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  • Jl. Tanah Lot, Beraban, Kediri


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Piodalan, Sacred Ceremony At Tanah Lot Temple Bali.

Tanah Lot Temple Bali, widely called as Luhur temple, is a sacred place for Hindu people and has an exquisite natural charm and sunset scenery. Tanah Lot Temple has become one of the best places to explore in Bali to enjoy the sunsets. The magnificence of sunset view in Tanah Lot Temple Bali is one of the most beautiful views in Bali.

Tanah Lot Temple Bali is located at Tanah Lot beach standing on the strong coral reef. On the west side, there is also a Pura (temple) called Pura Batu Bolong, which also has almost the same greatness. Tanah Lot is derived from the word "Tanah" which means land and "Lot" (Lod) which means sea because it is located on the beach and it looks like floating when the tide is high. Therefore, Tanah Lot means a Land or Island located on the sea.

Tanah Lot Temple is located in Beraban Village, Kediri, Tabanan, on the southern beach of Bali about 25 kilometers from Denpasar City. Tanah Lot Temple is the place to worship ocean gods. Tanah Lot Temple is standing on a large rock overlooking the Indian Ocean. This place of worship is a Hindu temple built to worship God in its manifestation as the God of the Sea or the God of Baruna for the salvation and prosperity of the world and the balance between sea and earth.

Piodalan Tanah Lot Temple

The ceremony in Tanah Lot Temple (Balinese's pura ceremony called Piodalan/ Pujawali) is conducted in every 210 days (6 months) in accordance with the calendar of Bali/ Saka. Piodalan in Tanah Lot Temple falls on the day of Buda Wage Langkir, 4 days after Kuningan Day. Before pemedek (prayers in Pura) enters the pura, they have to pray first at Beji Kaler, a sacred spring located underneath the Tanah Lot Temple.

Before pemedek enters the main temple, they have to do the rituals drinking and cleansing their faces with the water taken from sacred spring Beji Kaler. This ritual aims to clean their souls and minds before entering and praying at Tanah Lot Temple. During the ceremony/ Piodalan at Tanah Lot Temple, Balinese people, especially Hindus, will come to do the worship in order to get salvation and prosperity. Even many of them come from other parts of Indonesia to participate in the ceremony at this Tanah Lot Temple conducted for 3 days straight (Nyejer).