Sakenan Temple: An Important Temple On Serangan Island

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  • JL. Banjar Pemalukan, Peguyangan, Denpasar Utara, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80115


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Sakenan Temple: An Important Temple On Serangan Island.

If you are traveling to Denpasar, a spiritual tour to Sakenan Temple is a must. Located at Serangan Island street, South Denpasar, Denpasar Regency, precisely, on Serangan Island. A small island near Bali island. It is only 10 km south of Denpasar city. So, if you are intended to explore Serangan Island, this temple can also be included in your exploration list.

Sakenan Temple was built by high priest Mpu Kuturan in 1001 AD. The goal is to worship Ida Hyang Biswarna or Baruna God. His duty is to keep calm for the safety of the world. Sakenan comes from the word Cakya which means "can immediately unite the mind". You can see this straight from the place. Separated by the sea so that it has tranquility and silence more than any other places. This condition facilitates the united of spiritual and mind to the Creator.

Dalem Sakenan Temple and Pesamun Agung Sakenan Temple are two temple buildings that can be explored. The beauty of Balinese architecture is clearly illustrated by the unique carvings that prettify the walls of the temple. Taking a photo with a stunning carving background (temple wall) can add a unique look to your shots. In addition, made of red bricks and rocks, the rock in the temple wall was taken from the coral in the sea that surrounds Serangan Island.

First time you are entering the temple area, you will find large trees. These trees are believed by the local community as the residence of the guardian spirit of Sakenan Temple. This is indicated by the presence of poleng (black and white) fabric tied to the tree. Besides, it is also a sign that the temple is sacred. Therefore, please mind your words and attitudes when you are in the temple area.

Visit Sakenan Temple when Piodalan (temple celebration) that falls on Kuningan Day. 10 days after Galungan Day celebration. On that day, you can see Balinese come to the temple and carry various offerings. Do not miss this moment happening in Sakenan Temple, so check it out on your calendar and mark the date.