Relaxing Afternoon At Tangguwisia Beach

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  • Desa Tangguwisia, Kecamatan Seririt


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Relaxing Afternoon At Tangguwisia Beach.

Almost everyone who visit Bali want to enjoy the view of the sunset. You certainly agree if the beach in Bali is the right place to watch the sunset. There are many rows of beach names that you can visit. One of them is Tangguwisia Beach.

Tangguwisia Beach 

Tangguwisia Beach is located in Tangguwisia Village, Seririt District, Buleleng Regency. Guaranteed, you can enjoy the amazing evening views here. You should come to Tangguwisia Beach at noon. Because there are many interesting places that you can visit.

Still in the Tangguwisia Beach area, you can see the conservation of small turtles. You can see how the sea turtles lay their eggs. You can also join the conservation activity to release the turtles into the high seas. If you want to see the turtle nesting process firsthand, come in April or September. This conservation has also collaborated with the World Wide Fund, so you can ask a lot about the turtle cycle. 

In addition, Tangguwisia Beach is also known as a fishing village. So you can choose lots of fresh fish there. If you’re lucky, you could even be invited by the fishermen to join them sailing to the sea. Such an exciting experience, right? 

Well, before you see the sunset from this beach, try walking around the mangroves. You can enjoy the fresh air there. Accompanied by chirping of birds and wandering mangrove trees. Once satisfied, you can visit the small temple commonly used by the local community to pray on the cliff. This place is also one of the best spot to see the sunset. 

But if you just want to relax on the edge of the beach, no problem. You can order fresh drinks while sitting enjoying the sounds of the waves. Accompanied by a breeze and the distinctive smell of the ocean. Now, after being satisfied doing some relaxing activities and watching the sunset at Tangguwisia Beach, you can end your trip by visiting Seririt Night Market, which is only 5 km from this beach.