Relaxing Our Body At Padang Bulia Waterfall

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  • Dusun Runuh Kubu, Desa Padang Bulia, Kecamatan Sukasada


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Relaxing Our Body At Padang Bulia Waterfall.

In addition to the beach, the waterfall is also one of the attractions that are suitable for tourists who want to play in the water. Showering under a waterfall will make your body more relaxed and fresh. Because cold water can help improve blood circulation in the body. If you want to play water while feeling the benefits of the waterfall, you can visit Padang Bulia Waterfall in Buleleng.

Padang Bulia Waterfall 

Padang Bulia Waterfall has another name, Wana Ayu Waterfall. Because of its location in the Hamlet Kubu Village, Padang Bulia Village, Sukasada District, the waterfall is better known as Padang Bulia Waterfall. The location of the waterfall is quite far from Singaraja City. It takes approximately a one-hour drive. Unlike other hidden waterfalls in Buleleng Regency, Padang Bulia Waterfall is not far from residential areas. So it is still easy for tourists to reach.

The sound of water falling between the rocks under the waterfall is clearly heard once you arrive at the parking lot. The desire to quickly arrive at the waterfall certainly peaks as you hear the sound of this natural sound. Fortunately, you don't need to walk through the wilderness or hiking for miles to get to Bulia Falls. Just walk down dozens of steps and walk a path that is only a few meters long, and you’ll arrive at the waterfall. 

The beautiful charm of this 35-meter high waterfall is inevitable. The fall of the waterfall to the natural pool below is an amazing sight. Especially when the rainy season arrives. The water discharge tends to be more than in the dry season. Visitors will certainly be tempted to bathe in the Padang Bulia Waterfall. The clear and fresh water comes from the flow of Gitgit Waterfall. The pool of this natural water isn’t so deep. Only as high as an adult's waist. So it is still safe to swim. If you dare, try standing in the middle of the flow of the waterfall. Your back and shoulders feel like being massaged. Plus, the green plants that thrive and lush around it will make you feel more relaxed. Not only your body, but your mind will also feel refreshed. 

Initially, Padang Bulia Waterfall was discovered accidentally by a Buleleng resident. He then invited his wife and children to build a house around the waterfall. From there, they slowly began to clear the scrub that blocked the road to the waterfall and built stairs to facilitate the access to the location. After being arranged properly, visitors began to arrive. Not only to enjoy the waterfall, but local residents also come here to perform the melukat ritual or the process of self-purification. Because there is a holy water fountain near the location of Padang Bulia Waterfall. 

Even though the road you have to take to get to the waterfall is not as extreme as the other waterfalls in Buleleng, you must still prepare your physical and mental condition. Even though the stairs have been built, the terrain is quite steep and slippery, especially during the rainy season.