Saraswati Day As A Day To Celebrate Knowledge

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Saraswati Day As A Day To Celebrate Knowledge.

Living every element of life is an activity of people with high intelligence. Those kind of people mark time after time for those who have passed. Like the Hindus on the Island of the Gods. Through his belief, the knowledge revealed by God is a source of wisdom.

For Hindus in Bali, knowledge plays an important role in the survival and process of taking mokhsa. Knowledge is revealed by God and celebrated on the Day of Saraswati. This holiday is commemorated every 210 days, precisely on the day of Saniscara Umanis wuku Watugunung. On that day every student from Elementary School to College is required to conduct the ceremony. Not only students, every institution related to education and science also held a memorial service.

Dewi Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and art. This Goddess of Knowledge is portrayed as beautiful and white. Drawn four arms where the hand carries four objects, including sitar, ganatri, damaru and petals. The four objects symbolize aspects in human beings who have knowledge. Sitar is a symbol of knowledge that is full of beauty or has a high aesthetic. Science that never runs out is symbolized by ganatri. Whereas keropak is a place to store knowledge.

Dewi Saraswati is the wife of Brahma. In Wedanta, Dewi Saraswati is a goddess who masters science and art. This Goddess of Knowledge also symbolizes Supreme Wisdom. Through the symbol depicted, there is also a goose, in general it is always brought close to the figure of Dewi Saraswati. This goose has a charge of philosophy that means life without being carried away by worldly currents. That means the beauty of art and knowledge are used not for worldly concerns but eternity. Although it is also depicted as a peacock that describes pride.

Hindus believe that knowledge is revealed on Saraswati Day. So on that day, a warning was held to respect and interpret science. In general, Saraswati Day or Science Day is celebrated as a way of thanking Sang Hyang Widi for his grace and mercy. With knowledge that has been revealed, one can have a wise, virtuous person and have a noble life.