Savoring The Tasty Sate Lilit, Popular Balinese Culinary Specialties

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Savoring The Tasty Sate Lilit, Popular Balinese Culinary Specialties.

After taking a long walk visiting several tourist objects in Bali, your stomach will begin to rumble. This means you need to fill your stomach with delicious food and rest. How about trying Balinese cuisine, Sate Lilit? Guaranteed, your enthusiasm for exploration will return after tasting this food.

From the looks, Sate Lilit is indeed a little different from satay in general. The meat used for satay is processed by finely ground. To add flavor, ground meat is mixed with various spices such as grated coconut, kencur, onion, pepper, to other spices. After the meat is mixed evenly with the seasoning, the next step is to wrap the meat around a sharp wooden stick. Sate Lilit usually have a broad stick, so that the meat won’t be easily separated when it’s burned. In addition to wooden sticks, some also use lemongrass stems as punctures, to produces a more fragrant aroma. 

The meat used to make Sate Lilit may vary. We can use chicken, beef, fish meat, and pork. However, pork is more commonly used as a basic ingredient for Sate Lilit in Bali. Because the texture of pork is a bit softer, so it's delicious when bitten. What about the taste? This meal has a spicy, savory, and sweet taste derived from grated coconut. This combination of various flavors creates a delicious sensation on your tongue. Even without the addition of peanut sauce, the natural taste of Sate Lilit is already very good. Usually, Sate Lilit is served with other dishes such as chili sauce, water spinach, hot rice, and tuna soup. One serving of Sate Lilit with side dishes is sure to make your stomach full. 

For the Balinese themselves, this Sate Lilit has a significant meaning. This food is often used as a serving menu during ceremonies. Interestingly, in every presentation for religious events, Sate Lilit should be presented in odd numbers as a form of respect for the gods. Even if there are ceremonies in several places, usually Satay Lilit is made specifically by men. Starting from the process of slaughtering animals to the process of cooking, 100 men will be involved. No wonder, the Satay Lilit is sometimes seen as proof of Balinese male virility. 

Even though pork is often used as a basic ingredient, there are also several places in Bali that serve Satay Lilit with fish or chicken meat. So, don't worry, you’ll have a lot of options.