Seeing Hundreds Of Sunflowers At Angsoka Sunflower Garden

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  • Penarukan, Singaraja, Buleleng


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Seeing Hundreds Of Sunflowers At Angsoka Sunflower Garden.

When we go to Bali, we definitely want to play around the beautiful beaches, right? But wait a minute. Some of you might be bored because you are too often to go to the beach or other natural attractions. Well, what if you just play in the garden this time? This garden is not an ordinary garden. It has hundreds of sunflowers. It's called Angsoka Sunflower Garden. Exciting isn’t it!

Angsoka Sunflower Garden is located in Singaraja, precisely on Jalan Pulau Seribu, Gang Simantri 551, and has been opened to the public since September 10, 2018. In this unique and beautiful garden, there are many selfie spots to capture the moments of the holidays. 

In addition to enjoying the beauty of sunflowers, there are also some unique spots, one of which is Payung Teduh. No, it’s not the name of a well-known Indonesian band! But instead, an area that has a bunch of umbrellas neatly lined up on it. Besides Payung Teduh, there is also the Pumpkin Tunnel and also cattle farms. In the middle of the garden, there is also an umbrella-roofed resting place, where you can take a break while chatting with friends. 

Besides being able to take selfies as much as you want with giant sunflowers, you can also learn many things about plantations. You can get an explanation of the agricultural process, get acquainted with various types of plants, and also techniques for treating waste, especially cow dung. In fact, it does not only get a theoretical explanation. But you can immediately practice gardening there! 

The Angsoka Sunflower Garden has an area of 5 acres. So, that's roughly enough to hold 1000 people. Very wide huh! So, for those of you who want to come to visit during the holiday season though, don't worry. There must be a place for you to enjoy yourself in this garden. 

Typically, this one flower garden is filled with visitors on weekends and school holidays. If you want to avoid the crowd, it's good to avoid these moments. Want to know which season is the best for a visit? No need to worry! The sunflowers there almost always bloom beautifully throughout the year. No matter how bad your mood when you come to visit, you will be happy after seeing the beautiful giant sunflowers. Only by paying an entrance ticket of IDR 5,000, you can take a photo as much as you want. Let's take your best friend there!