Sensing The Romance Trail From The Painting Collection At Le Mayeur Museum

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  • Jalan Hang Tuah, Sanur Kaja


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Sensing The Romance Trail From The Painting Collection At Le Mayeur Museum.

Bali offers many tourist destinations, ranging from nature tourism to art and culture. The famous Sanur Beach might be on your list. Well, after enjoying Sanur, you can stop at the Le Mayeur Museum to climb the trail of romance in his collection of paintings. While you faintly hear the waves, you can enjoy dozens of paintings from Belgian painters. Intrigued by the impressionist-style works of art made by Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres? Let’s see the traces of his love story.

Le Mayeur is the name of a painter who falls in love with Bali. At first, he traveled to Bali in 1932. The plan was, he would only stay for eight months on this exotic island. In his journey, Bali captivated him. Especially when meeting a native Balinese dancer named Ni Pollok. This woman is a Legong dancer who was born and lives in Kelandis Village. At that time, Le Mayeur was 52 years old when he met the sad-eyed woman who was only 17 years old. In line with his expertise, Ni Pollok became a model of a number of Le Mayeur's paintings.

Their story ended when Le Mayeur must return to Belgium for cancer treatment. In 1958, Le Mayeur returned to his home country. Shortly after, precisely in March of the same year, he died. The nobleman left dozens of paintings depicting the Island of the Gods. One impressionist painting is considered the most expensive painting of all time. It’s titled "Women Around the Lotus Pond". This work was made in 1950 which sold for IDR 53.8 billion.

This most expensive work depicts women in colorful parks. Right in the middle of the park, there is a pond with lotus flowers. Women's activities in the painting are very diverse and thick with Balinese culture. In Le Mayeur's paintings, the women are generally bare-chested. The color and texture are highlighted by the painter, so that the subjects in the painting look vague. After all, this maestro painter has raised the name of Bali as an island rich in art and culture.

The Le Mayeur Museum is open on weekdays, Monday to Saturday. However, on Friday, the museum is only open until 11.00 WITA. Whereas on Saturday, they are open from 08.00 to 12.30 WITA. To enter the museum, you have to buy a ticket. But don't worry, the ticket price won't drain your money.

In the museum, you can enjoy about 88 Le Mayeur paintings from 1921 to 1957. The medium of the paintings also varies, not only on canvas but also wood, paper, and hardboard. You can also learn some of Le Mayeur's book collections. President Soekarno had been visited the living room of the museum, since the studio still became a shelter for painters and dancers. Although the room is a bit dusty and humid, the aesthetic paintings on display at the Le Mayeur Museum will certainly make you learn about the traces of Balinese art.