Souvenir Ideas: The Sweetness Of Balinese Special Salak

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Souvenir Ideas: The Sweetness Of Balinese Special Salak .

In addition to kemang fruit, Bali apparently also has another special fruit, namely salak. The name of salak Bali is quite well known. Because it tastes good, it can make anyone who eats it addicted. If you run out of ideas to determine what souvenirs you want to bring from Bali to relatives or colleagues, salak Bali can be an option.

The Sweetness of Salak Bali

Since long time ago, salak Bali has indeed been well-known to foreign countries. Because, this typical Balinese fruit has a very sweet taste. Sweet taste is obtained from the abundant water content in salak fruit. So when bitten, the flesh is a little runny. Salak Bali has a small form. Even smaller than salak pondoh or salak fruit in general. The flesh is also not too thick so it is crispy when bitten. Usually, the color is white, but some are yellowish. When bitten, you can feel there is a fine grain texture like sugar. One fruit usually consists of one to three grits. However, not all salak fruits have seeds because of their small size. At most, you will only find one seed in one salak fruit. The flesh of salak fruit that still thickens tends to have a sour taste, while the ripe taste will be very sweet.

Salak Bali is widely bred in Karangasem Regency. This is a superior commodity owned by the district with Amlapura as its capital. By local people, salak is not only harvested to be eaten. But it is also used as salak wine with alcohol content reaching 13.5%. So besides eating the fruit, you can also try the drink. If you are in Karangasem, you can come to the plantation which is the center of this plant. Bali salak harvest season falls in January-February while gadu harvest in July-August. So if you are interested in participating in harvesting activities, schedule your vacation for those months!

During the harvest season, you can buy salak with a price of around Rp13,000 to Rp25,000 which contains about 18 pieces. But outside the harvest season, the price of the fruit can reach IDR 60,000/kg to IDR 90,000/kg. Besides that, you need to place an order two days in advance. You can buy salak Bali in traditional markets or souvenir shops.