Sri Tanjung Kites Fly Beautifully In Denpasar Sky

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  • Banjar Gaduh, Sesetan, Denpasar Selatan


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Sri Tanjung Kites Fly Beautifully In Denpasar Sky.

There are many interesting activities for tourists in Bali throughout the year. This is due to the wealth that Bali has related to its culture and art. The arts and cultural practices on this island are also related to nature. For example, the kite festival. Kite is a game that is played in the air. In the clear and windy sky, the kites with special motifs and shapes are flown. Even the race was held in certain seasons.

Balinese kite has a characteristic, one of which is the legendary Sri Tanjung kites. Sri Tanjung became an icon of Banjar Gaduh, Sesetan, South Denpasar. The Sri Tanjung kite is preserved for generations. Although it cannot be explained clearly about the meaning of the kite, Sri Tanjung has always been a source of pride for the residents of Banjar Gaduh.

In short, Sri Tanjung symbolizes a beautiful goddess, elegantly floating in the air. The color is the majority in red with a black line in the middle. Its size has a width of approximately 6 meters with a length of almost 12 meters.

The beauty of Sri Tanjung's kite was accompanied by the sound of the kite. The sound comes from bamboo ropes and blades. The stronger the wind, the louder the sound. The size of the grater is usually adjusted to the size of the kite so it is balanced. While the way of making a kite itself requires several stages. In addition to measuring balance, suitable materials are also needed.

Because of its enormous size, the Sri Tanjung kite frame is made of old bamboo sharpener. Old bamboo stems have a high level of flexibility. Bamboo with high flexibility makes it easier to make and the water content in the stems will be less. Before being tied with a rattan rope, bamboo poles that have been knotted are smeared with kerosene to prevent them from decaying. After that, a cloth with a certain motif is prepared. In the kite tradition in Banjar Gaduh, red cloth with a black accent in the middle is prepared.

Some needs to make a kite have been prepared. Well, there is an important thing in making kites, namely the day of manufacture. The day of manufacture is also a measure of the beauty and success of a kite. If it's made on a good day, then the results will be good too.

In Bali, there are 4 types of kites that are popular at the annual festival. Among them are the kite bebean, janggan kites, pecuk kite, and creation kite. Sri Tanjung is a bebean kite with characteristics similar to fish, with two to four fins and a tail. The best moment to enjoy the kite festival in Bali is from July to August. In the middle of the year, Bali will be crowded with arts, culture and music events. No exception for flying a kite of all sizes.