Stunning Warm Dishes During The Megibung Tradition In Bali

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Stunning Warm Dishes During The Megibung Tradition In Bali.

Bali has a variety of different traditional dishes, while each one of it is made of different ingredients. This time, let’s talk about Komoh! This is an important culinary that must be served during the Megibung tradition. Megibung is a tradition of gathering together to enjoy a meal and exchange ideas. This meal, Komoh, can warm up the event. It’s a very special food for Balinese people!

Unlike other dishes, Komoh is is gravy and served with other foods, such as Nasi Kepal and Lawar. Komoh is closely related to Balinese cultural identity. Although generally made from pork, some native people make it from chicken, duck, or beef.

Before the Megibung tradition was held, people are gathered to cook, in order to bind friendships and mutual cooperation. Warmth is not only intertwined during the event, but also from the preparation of the event. The task of preparing, cutting ingredients, and all cooking processes are done together.

To make Komoh, you must first grill the meat as the main ingredient. There are no specific rules for what meat to choose, whether chicken, duck, beef, or pork. The baked meat is cut into pieces and then mixed with some special spices. Typical spices used are called basa gede and basa penyangluh. Basa gede or basa genep is a spice made of a mixture of galangal, turmeric, kencur, ginger, garlic, red onion, pepper, chili and salt. Whereas basa penyangluh or the seasoning, is made of galangal, kencur, garlic and candlenut.

After the two ingredients are mixed with finely sliced roasted meat, it is then doused with hot water. All ingredients are mixed and the last step is to filter the sauce to make it more clear. In order for the spices to blend together, the mixture is stirred evenly and checks the balance of taste.

The balance of taste is a symbol of cosmology for Balinese people. That means, every dose of herbs and spices in a dish, the size and taste contained must be considered. So, cooking is a process of creating a 'universe' balance. Intrigued by the taste of this food? Let's visit Bali and taste all the culinary delights!