Tao Park: Picnic Surrounded By Nature With Religious Nuances

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  • Jln. I Dewa Made Kaler, Desa Sukasada, Kecamatan Sukasada,


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Tao Park: Picnic Surrounded By Nature With Religious Nuances.

Buleleng, is famous for its waterfalls and beaches. Nevertheless, Buleleng still presents many alternative tourism options to visitors. One of them is Tao Park. If you need a fresh place for a picnic, this park is perfect.

Recreation in Tao Park

Tao comes from the Balinese language which means calm and cool. As the name implies, that's the atmosphere that you can feel when you set foot to a new destination in Bantang Banua, District Sukasada. Yes, this tourist location was just opened around last February 2017. Initially, this park was owned by a resident of Sukasada Village who lived around the riverbank, namely Made Yasamada. The condition of the river at that time was very dirty, contaminated with garbage. Then, he voluntarily cleaned the river from rubbish and turn the riverbank into a recreational park. Because it is located in a strategic area, many people are interested to stop by to enjoy the park. Finally, Made opened this tourist spot to the public.

Tao Park presents a natural river tourism atmosphere. Because it is crossed by the river called Tukad Banyumala where the current is swift and the water is clear. The other side of the river is a green cliff with rock walls. The 260.5 m2 area is very nicely arranged. There are many places to sit, also wooden tables arranged in an elongated position so that it seems to fence off the riverbank. These tables face directly to Tukad Banyumala and are a great place to chat while eating with family. If lucky, visitors can see a lizard sunbathing on the rocks to enjoy the morning sun.

You can also see there are a lot of ornamental plants growing in bloom there, adorned with colorful umbrellas that build up the festive impression of the park. It makesTao Park become very Instagramable, so it is suitable for tourists who love photography. Once inside, you will be greeted by the statue of the god Ganesha and the words "Welcome to the Taoist Garden" carved on a board located at the gate. After that, you have to go down a number of steps that are relatively safe to access the riverbank area or the main yard. Once you reach the last step, you will find three ornaments of the god statue, each of which is shaded by an umbrella. All three are manifestations of Tri Murti, namely Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, which are in line with the statue of Dewi Kwan Im.

In addition to the splash of flowing river water, chants of prayer and Hindu spiritual music such as Mantram Gayatri continue to be sung. Making the atmosphere in this park feel more religious. Oftenly, this place is also visited by several people who want to meditate, calm the mind with the help of nature.

Tao Park is already equipped with restaurants. All the foods are halal, because the restaurants only serve vegetarian menu with an affordable price. If you bring children, you can swim or play water with them. There’s a rubber tires renting place, and also a spot to take a shower and change clothes. Pretty complete, right?

Tao Park is a suitable place to rest and meditate. It’s filled with lush trees, quiet nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, hymns of praise and also the sound of river water hitting rocks that can calm your soul. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and let’s come to Tao Park on Jln. I Dewa Made Kaler, Sukasada Village, Sukasada District, Bali Regency.